1. Re: Reject Humanity, Return to Monke

      Welp, here's a monke story if you ever want to read one. Synopsis: Ordinary day, ordinary (...)

    2. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      Well then, time for my monke story to shine! Synopsis:  Ordinary day, ordinary life, that (...)

    3. Re: Life as a Game, Cool - A Gamer fiction set in the multiverse (My multiverse) World-building, and dark the (...) Synopsis:  Soo… Hello? Why am I doing this? Ugh… Anyway, name’s Sethsamm, no last name. Why you ask? Well… it all started with me waking (...)

    4. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story Here's a gamer fic set in the multiverse after MC dies. I like dark stories, so this fic will be dark, even if there will be fluff and lighthearted (...)

    5. Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

      Well then, I would love if you could review my fic. Synopsis: Feeling tired of the continuous and repetitive work (...)

    6. Re: Tana's Week of Reviews

      Thanks for the review Tana! Now I can improve it by checking on the things you pointed out. Hope that it gets better though with my amateurish skills, me NOOB :D!!!

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    8. Re: Offering Feedback

      Excuse me, are you still offering feed back? If so, please take a look at my fiction What are you Writing? A fantasy (...)

    9. Re: Please review my fiction so that I can improve

      Hello, right now, I am writing a novel called Death God's Another World Adventure. It's an isekai fiction as stated on the title where the God of Death responsible for reaping souls and erasing them to (...)

    10. Re: A novel that has an MC dungeon master and focuses more on the dungeon development and his struggles.

      Title: My Birthday Wish to be a Dungeon Master was Granted! This is my second fiction on the RRL site. During the MC's birthday, his wish to be a dungeon master was granted and thus, start dungeon (...)

    11. Re: The Hero is a Dungeon Master!? Dungeon master MC web novel for anyone interested!

      First time writing a thread but anyways. The Hero is a Dungeon Master!? Is a web novel that is focused on a japanese student who was summoned to be a hero but was driven out because of his noob stats. (...)