Humans Must Adapt!

Pro: It is funy there is dark humour, an original litrpg system, weak to strong, discovery on how the world work and a happy go lucky adventure. I think it is my favorite litrpg with mc's class and the story go a long way to give distinc style to the party members. The MC is active and will gain power by his action.

Con: Could be vomit indusing for some.

The mc is a bit touched in the head, is violent and torture himself to gain power and other to gain info. The author go in detail on how the mc torture himself with fire to electricity to breaking every bones in his body and is writen like it is no big deal. He go out of his way to kill bad person and will take revenge if attaked.(Still better than passive mc)


Blessed Time

I read the volume 1/2 It was good. I would have prefered that the mc exploit more his power but

He don't chose to take thing that could evolve his skill when it is the only thing he can take back with him back in time. He also get a plot armor how he can survive all the time before he can be back in time.

I started the book 3 the adventure start and plot point come from nowhere to start the adventure and block by paywall the end. Now the nostalgic that i am i go back to reread the chapters and i see big gap in the story. So i would have given the book 1/2 a 3.5 stars with the 3 a total of 2.5 for new reader i would give a 0.5 star.

Realistic Tower of God: The Martial Way

I like the crossover of wuxia and TOG and give a 4.5 for the start but

Chapter 40 and 72 are side by side

Politic talk (where the mc say he would rule better than Zahard and the workshop is planning to overtrow Zahard without considering they have just no interest to ruling or that his online source is not the best source) 

Mc give the impression of  grooming child

So 2.5

Viridescent Core

It start good, create a story, the dungeon, unique creatures but the story stop. It is funny because the dungeon story that have the most writhing don't focus on the dungeon.

In this story, there war an mysterious antagonist to who the mc has dedicaced his life to destroy. A fary that go for mele attack.

It has a nice worldbuilding, characters and for i had a good reading.

Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard

Pro: Good idea for developing the world building, power up, cool spells, research of mechanism of the world, complex power system

Con: Cringy, Gary Stu, Alway say how the protagonist is good(god), no antagonist or chalenge, writhing fell a bit like translated from another language

It is not the peak of quality and it is not for everybody but after chapter Discovery II You should have a god idea of what await you in the story(A Power Fantasy). 

Apocalypse Simulator

It is good, it is a classic return to the past combined with imprisoned in a game + apocalypse. The system is nice with the unlock.

Spoiler :

But it is day 5 and people already tried to kill, steal, mug the mc. I would understand after a month with desesperation or do it to a weaker player but the MC already have a reputation for being the strongest so the others are like fly that go to the light to be burn.

The Immortal Mutant Teen

Ch 33 The mc is god, the mc is love, the mc is self insert in the sense that the universt turn around the mc.

You remember a japanese story where the mc hide his power but at one point he show his power and everyone can't help to comment on how impressive he is?

This novel is this, with the mc don't hide his power.

This is unique but i know if the story don't put a chalenge to the mc i will be bored and this is not a story for everyone.

Jayke Cipher

Good concept poor exploitation

It is realy good but there are thing that make no sense.

Like why is the mc going out of his way to put himself in danger?

Why is the coterie wizard club making deathly game that don't require magic because a warrior could pass all the test till now? I mean the mc has hight level magic at low level and he almost die. So imagine what it would do for healing magic, they just die. It could kill unique magic from existing because of this warrior mind set.

Also [Game Table] is an ability show to be able to reproduce any game and is only use to copy poker...

You could copy monopoly, video game, chess and russian roulette.

If you exploit it shoting game with real gun where you have to kill the most of real ennemy, an eating game when you are starved, drinking game, create material for potion because of an alchemy game.

I mean you give an ability, don't give a limit to this ability and a gambler with a coder don't try to exploit it is a big problem in my book.

Slave Company

I like the style.

Grammar is a problem, it is like the author didn't re read his story because there are sentense that lack word or is porly constructed. I am not a grammar nazi but when you can't concentrate on the story because of it many times the score go down.

Story: it is a power fantasy of summon heros and defeat the demon king withour mc being the different hero of the bunch. I have a problem with it when the mc say he would like to be part of the slave market and hit a kid(ok she is older than the mc but act as a kid) after her butler say to take care of her. The author should put a Traumatising content tag.

Character: Are all over the place. A girl describled as rich noble brat that go where she should not and treat the other as servan is revelated to be a exiled noble that is abused. Mc was a ceo and he learned ancien greek for business... He learned a death language for a buisness... when he said himself that he is surprised to learn a language in a month with hero cheat... 

Apart from that i liked some character like the rival captain.

A Snake's Life

It was good at the start but the artificialy prolonging the story with  multiverse and god after he reunite him with his beloved is to mutch and unnecessary