Vainqueur the Dragon

It is funy, good system, natural character, litrpg and DRAGON

What do you want more? For me it is 5 star and i like what i read


Ok so the mc is in a tuto where he respawn and is 0.01% more powerful each time he die.

The respawn take 10 sec and the tuto take 6 month.

So it is expotential and after a month of doing just that he would be so powerful he would have hard time killing himself, he would be 180 447 206 359 more powerful in the most ideal situation and he would only have to die 259 200 times. 1.0001^259 200

So superman power for death and being a maso... 

Else good luck with the story

Edit: After review chapter

Ok so if your stat is 100 = 100 increased by 0.01% = 0.01 it is 1% that is a 1

but if you re die it is now 101 increased by 0.01% = 0.0101

"You gain an increase of 0.01% per each death."

So it is expotentiel. You start at 1 and each times you die you multiply the number by 1.0001 if 1 = 100% and 0.01% = 0.0001 OK?

30(jour)*24(heure)*60(minute)*60(seconde) = 2592000 mois en seconde

Respawn time is 10 sec so 2592000/10 = 259200(number of death in the most ideal situation)

So his to calculate his final power you do 1.0001 Exponential number of death so

1.0001^259200 = 180 447 206 359

So don't "review" things if you don't understand everything.


Ps: I tought the mc would use this exploit and it would be crack after tutorial but to think the author didn't even see it...

Else i can't not put rating in my review, your mc started by dying more than 100 times is why i tought you would use the exploit.

Wake of the Ravager
Spoiler: System mechanic

 The mc have plot armor, mage build that figth short range and win(proof that body is useless). He is a jack of all trade but not realy, take physical skill, don't train mind skill, don't train sub attribute for mind. Have many skills that don't synergise but still kill adult noproblemo.

This is another problem, other are stupid to make the mc intelligent.

Even with this this is an enjoyable story, but where is it going? Apart from one cheat he has(that come from nowhere) nothing distinguish the mc from another.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic

Ok, it is good but the mc is over confident and think he is supérior to any person

Spoiler: Spoiler

 It could be great but the stupidity of the mc and being evil for no reason and the fact he is not punished for it because the others are also stupid make it bad.

voldemor at least pretended to be a good boy in hogward and has the excuse of being less than half souled to his stupidity.

But there is originality in the story and it was nice to see the munchkin to power.

Isekai Avenger

I love story of total war and this story is the embodiment of it.

The mc learn and do error, even better, his ennemi learn.

Necro army vs human can we evolve to beat them?


An isekai well made

No cheat skill

No god that help you

No japanese stupidity

Original system

No talk with the system to explain you the world

No exposition

Original character

No waifu

Hard work

No demon king yet

No bad guy that attack the mc for no reason

I think it will be the best Portal Fantasy i ever read if it don't stop

Apocalypse at Mighty Max

yellow text and omnipotent that talk back

1. my eyes hurt

2. omnipotent system talk to the mc... why?

3. gary stu rich kid that was trained from young age by x teachers, was super intelligent and bla bla bla

Did he have any friend? His life is baby, train, have system and be op because of training.

How his past life will influence his future arrogant because of being a genius and rich? no

What is important for him? Being rich? Respect? What type of genius is he? Think outside of the box? Real use genius? Genius that resolve all thing but don't know how to make use of it? or texbook genius that can only respond to texbook question?

The problem with this story from what i read is that it is superficial:

EX: i want to make a op mc in litrpg... for him to be op he have to be op before so i make him the best he can be for the apocalips so you make his past so he can be what you want instead of the past making him what he will be.

Ps: I hope this review help, this is subjective so others can have different view of the same story

Congratulations, You're Dead!

<"Yes, Ma'am. Right away, Ma'am." I jump up and bring my fist to my chest in salute.

"You're out of uniform, soldier." She plays along with my antics.>ch5

The guy is isekai in that world and say he lived in the wood all his life and the girl is from that world of fantasy.

So ho does she know of military? Why don't she question his knowledge of military when he lived in the wood? She should say armor not uniform.

The focus is pick up girl and the rest suffer. The system don't show his stats, his choice for reincarnation or what his skill or their level do. So the author can do a deus ex machina, i alway had this skill.

I don't even see the point to make the story a litrpg(only show skill, map and inventory), could buy bag and map, without the system there is just no skill popup


Best kobolds novel i ever read

As of ch33

There is a bit of Marie Sue in the mc but...

Magic is done right

Story is interesting

Funy moment

Background story that add dimention to your world

Rate 4.5 in hope you do your best for the rest

The saga of madness

The main character in mad and show a new definition to gore where he don't have a sense of reality and think the other are the crasy.

I don't like this type of novel but the author worked hard to create his mc. 

Is the wold real? Is everyting happen in his head? Is he realy crasy? Is his girl he?

Caution: reading this is a self torture because what you read in maybe not reality and considering it is just words, it realy is not reality.