1. Re: November Prompt Thread.

      Oh, that looks harder than the last time. I hope I'll be able to give it a try.

    2. Re: How are you?

      I would probably complain but life basically told me to shut up this time.

    3. Re: If You Could Be In A Story

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Short Stories?

      I'm looking for good collections of short stories as a side-read. I would prefer them to be without a theme, just a bunch of different ideas and worlds in each chapter. Any recommendations?

    5. Re: I am back' back in the New York swing I'm back!

      Welcome back, good luck. :peocool:

    6. Re: Val Discovered Something. 🐕

      What we need is for the premium to also give their home address :peoreaper:

    7. Re: Passed 150,000 words

      Congratulations :DrakanWine:

    8. Re: Give me some tips!

      If you hear "It's never too late", don't believe it.

    9. Re: Does this happen to anyone else?

      Yes, I started studying 'Hiatus' a few months ago and my study is yet not finished.

    10. Re: 100k views on my first novel!

      Congrats :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: Writer's block: What do you do?

      Cry and despair. Stare in a blank page for hours, until many unproductive weeks pass. No results in sight, barely able to vomit out five hundred words of sub-par no relevance. Move the story to (...)

    12. Re: 3 Great Reviews

      :DrakanWine: So early? Great accomplishment! Congratulations.

    13. Re: Looking for recommendations

      Since you mention you like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, you might like my longform LoGH fanfiction, A Wheel Inside a Wheel. It is on temporary hiatus until December (taking a short break to work on (...)

    14. Re: Half-way to max levels.

      Here, have a +2 to hit 1k soon, and of course, congratulations! :DrakanWine:

    15. Re: Welp, This Took Forever

      The responsibility (shudders) Congratulations!

    16. Re: 20 Chapters and 50k words!

      Congratulations! :DrakanPotato:

    17. Re: Got my first o.5 star rating!

      Suffering from the success it seems, congrats! :DrakanWine:

    18. Re: Red Mist hit Rising Stars

      Congrats :DrakanWine:

    19. Re: I Think Val Has a Problem

      Yes, you have a problem.