The Whimsical Dungeon

Great Rewrite! (New as of Aug 2018)

Really enjoying the new direction that adds some much needed structure and makes a lot more sense :3 looking forward to where its going!

-Written after chapter 8

The Guardian - A Kammiverse Story

 Nice little addition to the Kammiverse by the lovely Kathryn

Starting Superhero School with my true identity instead of keeping it secret is proving to be a hassle

A great story showing what can happen in a superhero world with more problems than just death lasers. Looking forward to seeing it move forward

A Mouse in the Circuitry - A Kammi Kettu Story

What can I say that hasnt been said before. Katie manages to write a Kammi-Kettu story that fills you with warm fuzzies all over. Full of lovable characters in an almost slice of life setting, this installment to the universe gives a well earned break from the harsher realities our favorite emerge go through

Pellan Rise

Glad to see you brought this over here

I thought this looked familar :) Yet another great piece by QuietValerie

Spoiler: Spoiler

 All in all, if you enjoy gamelit (not litrpg) and tg stories where the genderbending isn't played for laughs, you'll love this

Grand Magus

Well done reskin of other works

Has the exact same plot and abilities from "The wizard world" and "Warlock of the Mages world" with a dark attribute alchemist with-

Spoiler: Spoiler


The Star Prince's Gender Bender

Not the best name, but an awesome story

If you like kickbutt characters with low EQ this is the story for you! Vaguely reminiscent of "Crossing to the furture" we see a wonderful job of worldbuilding behind the scenes without the over the top exposition or blocks of information dumps. Im greatly looking forward to whats to come. As an aside. The mc is NAMED Gender Bender, this is not the Prince DOING a genderbender.

The Gatekeeper

I loved both the concecpt and the execution.

Anyone who enjoys op/mc novels will like this one even if it sorta lacks harem (several girls, but only one non-platonic)

Spoiler: Ideas for edit/rewrites


Another World's Homunculus

I like what im seeing so far :) Keep up the good work. Just be careful about chapter length and relaease schedules to keep people engaged.

The eternal revenge of the outcast.

I like the premise, Im just a very turned of by the grammar and spelling issues. The main concern story wise is character growth, we have naive mc turning into brooding edgelord at the start, but will we see any attempts at reconciliation or will it be 24/7 revenge?