Fight Aganist The Harem!

How could I give any less after lines like these?


“Me being part of a harem!!? That’s the end! I would arrive at the ultimate bottom of womanhood!”


The nameless was in his business for long enough to know that there are no heroes. Just normal mortal men who had a few screws loose.


“Bombs need red and blinking buttons as triggers. What else could it be?” Ascathon explains it like it's obvious.


Chocolate a drug? “There is no chocolate in this world?” But then again, I learned that Celestial seems to be quite capable with chemistry and medicine? Why shouldn't she be able to create something that tastes and looks like chocolate? “And it's not a drug, but a candy. ~PfahahhAHAHAHAHA~ Does that mean that she just traded a box of candies for a nuclear device from her husband?”




True World

This is a fun series to read when your feeling aloof or sick( cough cough me) .  We have well done dense character with all the world's knowledge, but not it's wisdom.  It's an easy slice of life read that recommend to those feeling aloof.


Target Audience: Neutural

Offensive level:

Complexity level: Junior High Level English

Extra Tags: Warriors, Mages, Magic, Magic School.



Entertainment Review

(Read 39 chapters)

It’s well written in terms of grammar, story building, and the characters aren’t bad, yet I find this to be excessive boring. There’s no emotional engagement besides the above average romance occurring in this chapter.  I keep hoping something would change, but I don’t feel the turmoil of the characters.


There are too many details given about the surrounding that it lessen the quality of the work by not allowing the readers to engage in their own imagination. So what I am saying the series lacks creative usage of words that bring the readers closer to the adventure. Therefore, I can’t recommend this to anyone.



Avoid Wall of texts

Spread out the details between paragraphs and chapters. 

Engage the senses ( touch, smell, etc)

Show don’t tell.


Ex. She was a  flower that would one day be plucked by me.

Ex. Ever slash that I made mark not only the enemy, but also myself.

Ex. The Damned  flames wished to be freed, but control of flames was the only control that I had left.


Complexity level: Excellent English

Offensive level:  0%

Target audience: Neutral ( though most young males)

Extra Tags: Magic, Warriors, Magic School, slice of life







The  Mage's Crown

Entertainment Review


The story is the typical cliche story of a young wizard in the making with a few original twists along the way. While the story is good the style, the grammar is slightly bad in the first dozen or so chapter. In the beginning, the author switches POV 7-10 times a chapter while “i”s are not “I”. Though the author somewhat improves along the way, so it becomes a better read after each chapter. Through all it’s faults, I still very much love with story.


So, I would recommend this story, because of  the excellent cliffhangers after each chapter.  You will want to click next.



Pick a point of view.

Don’t have “titian” size wall of texts.

The New Journey of an Old Soul

The words seem like a gateway to another words. As the characters and the world seem to come off the page. It is simply a excellent read.


Target Audience: Neutral

Complexity level:  Above average

Extra Tags: Gods and Goddess, priestesses, magic,family



Insania Online

Entertainment Review


There's nothing special here beside the window balls. Though, I personally recommend this for those looking for a slice of life virtual reality series with a feel good feeling or those looking for a fun cult to join.  Indeed,  it’s a fun series with emphasis on comedy and friendship.



Redo the book summary on the main page. It really sucks at describing the magic that’s inside these chapters.


Target Audience: Male 

Offensive Level: 5%

Complexity Level: Average  English

Extra Tags: Virtual Reality Grinding, slice of life



Royal Rebirth

(Read 27 Chapters)


Finding a good story is like finding the right story to fill the empty stomach, this is a fulling series for me. It's got most of my favorite elements magic, slice of life,  royalty, family and mystery.  I find the characters well done though lacking in some areas ( body expressions). The grammar is almost spotless while the story is just what I wanted.


Extra Tags: Family, royalty, politics

Demon Hero Reaper Saviour

– Entertainment Review-

(  Read 44 chapters)


Time Jumped hero meets reincarnated hero is there anything else like this story? Unfortunately, not really a fan of comedy, but I strongly recommend this to those looking for comical relief. Though, the laughs and giggles are real of enough that you want to read this in private. Overall this appears to be brilliantly written gag comedy that takes puns at the hero ( guy who got pushed in the role)  who suppose to save the world.  It’s something that I would see people picking up at bookstores.


Extra Tags: Gods/Goddesses

Target Audience: neutral (boys & girls)

 Find Similar here: https://www.facebook.com/DemonLordAlliance/info


Similar series


Kyou Kara Maou


You want to fight dragons, marry the princess, carry the heroes sword but today bad that not your ordinary self isn't meet to be the hero, but  instead the villain. You got stuck with the job of being the demon king.  So go burn some villages and kill all  those detestably humans


Remember it all start with a flush down the toilet.


The human who becomes the demon king.



More recommendations at Demon Lord Alliance.


To Live Again

Do you ever wonder what “true five star characters” are like? These are character that feel more real than the people around you.  They move and behave in a natural way that you believe their world is real.  This author has an godly talent in creating “demons” and “humans”.  As the self appointed leader of the demon genre fan club,  I can see this is one of the best stories in the genre.  The chapters are extremely large for royalroadl so I except everyone will enjoy. Thanks author for bringing this world to life.


Truly a beautiful story that I recommend to the masses.especially those demon fans


Extra Tags: Demon King, ReBirth, Magic School, Military School, Nobles, Royalty, Family

Seven's One Shots

 Feels like a good weird for those lost writers or souls . I feel the randomness of the chapters will inspire others with it’s humor or thoughts.  Though, I wouldn’t take it too serious as the chapters are random oneshots. Good series to read for those just looking for some different or to clear there writer's block.