1. What paragraph is better?

      Having trouble deciding on a style, so if your would please tell me which you prefer. Version 1 Opening his door, the creaking floor echoes his steps, but need not run, but simply move. Crossing by (...)

    2. Impressions on style of my novel

      This is draft of my incomplete novel. So there are dozens of disjointed sentences. I would like your opinion on the style and harmony done so far thus far in the novel. Is the the style consistent? It (...)

    3. RE: Proofreading & Review Business

      Greetings, This proofreader is back to assist some novelists in need. Please PM me if you need my assistance. My specialty is style and character while being above average in grammar. Thanks for considering (...)

    4. Main Page Reviews

      Do the new reviews auto-populate to the main page or are they now delayed?

    5. RE: Free resorce for proofreading

      Another resource is this site. http://www.reverso.net/spell-checker/english-spelling-grammar/

    6. RE: Guys vs Girls counting game

      Down with this empire! 56! :P

    7. RE: PR required

      How about a fair exchange of skills? You have what I want while I've got skills which you need, so lets make a deal. What do you say we learn form each other. I need someone to see my grammar mistakes (...)

    8. RE: RPG- style Ding information box Help please!!

      A PR villain has passed by, dropping some coveted information. http://www.royalroadl.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=5897

    9. RE: Hello I guess

      Welcome to the underworld royal road! I am an self acclaimed 'hero' so don't worry about the troublesome villains,  This is a safe and happy place! ~ Sincerely The Hard Working PR Villain. Hero! (...)

    10. RE: what would you work as?

      Tsk...Tsk, I be an Demon Queen. Since I finally have the ability to transport myself to another world, I going to the  Kyou Kara Maoh Universe to be their mighty ruler! Now If had to have realistic (...)

    11. RE: Proofreading & Review Business

      I would like to volunteer my humble native English skills to the greater good. So let me tell you about my humble skills. I really good at reconstructing and polishing fictions while remaining true (...)

    12. RE: Original Work Writing Tips

      Thanks for tidbits for us noobs and novices.

    13. RE: Writers Block: Bad Women

      The best answer is split personality.. Simple but cruel yet beautifull.. OH! .... do look forward to the cruel yet the obvious tragedy that I about to make.

    14. RE: Writers Block: Bad Women

      No body knows who could be a killer...but all it takes a few cute smiles and some moderate flirting to make a man end up with anyone... First is attraction of physical attributes then comes emotional (...)

    15. Writers Block: Bad Women

      Looking for help from the male perspective, What could cause a man to end up with a bad women instead of a good one. For example, How does a man end up with his would-be killer. Thanks in advance (...)

    16. RE: Writer's block

      Do you not know what to write or how to right? We have are now offering 'the answer' brought for the low, low price of $0.0. It comes in a tube or waves that call tin foil, the answer is youtube and (...)


      I am willing to offer my help in your destruction, for a not so fair competitive price, but only if we leave the books and libraries alone.  I hope we can come to agreement with my terms. I shall remind (...)