I've just started this but I'm very much enjoying it. I like the humor (normally it feels forced), I like Anthony and his enthusiasm. 

CORE: The Volcanic Dungeon

I don't like it but it's not necessarily bad

I really don't like the story, and I like most dungeon-core style works. I don't like the writing style, I don't like the stone-is-obviously-into-tits-and-thighs meme, I don't like the game-style mechanics and the windows, I don't like the repetitiveness of the chapters, I don't like the way the story is told, I don't like the character of the dungeon.


However, the story does have a harem tag, the grammar is without issue as the author is clearly an experienced writer, and the story's writing style is unique & original. I don't like anything about it, but the author is very open about it, and I can imagine someone liking it. So, I'm giving an overall score of 2 because I really have not enjoyed it, but I'll give full ratings on the rest. Not sure if this is the correct way to do reviews, I'm really conflicted. 

The Dungeon Boss's Favorite Game - A Virmo Story

Interesting crossover between isekai and Powerful main character. The writing is decent and the plot is ok for now. 

The thing I dont like is the characterization. Characters don't seem real to me, sometimes they are inconsistent with themselves. 


Rogue Dungeon: A LitRPG Adventure

Great writing, real characters and overall a great plot and worldbuilding. A+

The Bound Dungeon

One of the best in the genre

One of the better dungeon novels I've read. Certainly in my top 2. No glaring plot holes, characters are nice even if they could use some more depth, and the beginning of the novel is interesting and not completely tedious to slog through.

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

One of the better books on this site

 Pretty decent book but I feel the characters are too two-dimensional. Also I feel the plot itself is not really sure at times where it is going. Nevertheless one of the better books I've seen on this site.

Dungeon Heart

Too many repeating adverbs

 I couldn't really get past the first few chapters as the writing style and the repeated use of the same adjectives/adverbs really started to grate on me. I love Dungeon-Core style books but I just couldn't get into this one.