The Primal Hunter

Defiance of the Fall - like, but worse.

Okayish story with a cliche plot. If you like other progression fantasy you might enjoy this.

Biggest gripe I have with it is the internal inconsistencies. The author buffs or nerfs characters at will, changes their personalities and traits, just to further the "meh" plot.

It's very jarring from a reader perspective and throws of your suspension of disbelief.

Do not recommend. 

OP without wanting to be

Don't kid yourself: this story is as shallow as an inflatable kiddie pool. The characters are cartoonish, the plot ridiculous. However, if you are looking for a fast pace of power progression and don't mind a few or a dozen plot holes, then i guess you might have fun reading this.



Super Minion

Best written story I've read on this website

What a fantastic little story. I have enjoyed every moment of reading it. The main character is delightfully alien, but still human at the same time. The story is interesting, the plot original. Side characters are also usually very memorable. There is occasional humor interspersed into the story, and it's done in a very good way.


Overall I love this story and the psychotic little monster that is the main character. 5/5

Mud's Mission

Liked Super Minion? You'll like this too!

 Lovely little story with a delightfully naive but somewhat "evil" protagonist.
Apart from the fun premise, it's also quite well written and even funny at times. The magic system is thought out and interesting (and internally consistent), the characters are not too deep but contribute to the fun of the story in their own way.
Definitely recommend. 

Castle Kingside

From rags to riches with Chess™

A very well written story with compelling elements. An innovative protagonist that carves out his place in a hostile environment, a detailed and deep world, a thought out magic system and an interesting underlying theme.

Definitely recommend.

The Menocht Loop

This is a gem amidst the masses of content you can find on RoyalRoad. The premise is interesting, original in its own way. The worldbuilding is lovely; a new and exciting magitek world. It's also not LitRPG, which I find very refreshing. LitRPG can be done well, but it oftentimes becomes a crutch.

All in all I very much recommend this to anyone wanting to read about a strong protagonist that still has to face hurdles. 5/5


Love it!!! I love how pirate-y it is. Big mood. Go sailor go!

A Journey of Black and Red

A delightfully refreshing story. Like a cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day. 


Man am I thirsty now.



RR wants me to write 200 characters, so I guess I'll give it a go. This story is not your typical RR story. In an age of overt LitRPG, this story shines with its subtleness. The author doesn't tell us what time period it is, who the main character is, nor much else really. However, he shows us. Through vocabulary, sentence structure, mannerisms, and all sorts of subtle shenanigans.


Hats off. 5/5

The Madec Legacy

I've tried hard liking this story, because I love stories in this genre. But it's been impossible. The MC is a Mary Sue with no personality whatsoever apart from having a computer companion that does everything. I don't necessarily have a problem with Mary Sue characters, in fact I love overpowered heroes, but it just doesn't work here. 


Even worse are the other characters. They all lack depth. And the forced conflict between nobles and commoners is just so tacky and not subtle at all. 


I tried reading it because it's on popular and I usually love these stories, but it just wasn't very good. Do not recommend. 

Vainqueur the Dragon

Great story, humorous writing and characters. A very enjoyable read.


The only critique I have is the book cover, I'm not very sure if it's licensed and I see no mentions or credit to the artist (Björn Lensig):

 EDIT: All is good now!