Forest Dungeon

It's pretty good so far, with a novel concept. If you can ignore some grammar mistakes, you will probably enjoy it.

Thieves' Dungeon

This is a interesting book. It is very different from most Dungeon Core books. There are two common faults that this book doesn’t have: The dungeon doesn’t just hunker down and roll with punches (I feel like a lot of dungeon book authors tend to make their MC unwilling/unable to send minions outside, which throws away the opportunity for interesting side POVs and worldbuilding), and our dungeon core doesn’t act like a adventurer casino, with the dungeon actually trying to kill the people that enter him. In addition to that there is solid grammar and an interesting style.

Vainqueur the Dragon

It’s a unique premise, set in a classic world. It’s basically about a dragon who realizes, “Why be the end boss when you can be the one who kills the end boss.”

Titan of Steel

It’s a quick and light read, but it’s pretty fun. It’s like the book equivalent of a nice glass of lemonade.

Demi-God - A LitRPG

This book seems good so far. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Sacred Light Divinity

This book has good grammar, an interesting world, and follows the story of a very unique character.

The Dead Dungeon

Written as of chapter 7

This book seems pretty solid so so far, but it’s still a work in progress. Keep up the good work

Farming For Gold

I love books like this, an litrpg where combat is a side note, instead of the main focus. If you want an interesting book with unique characters, then this is for you.

The New World

This is what litrpg should be

This story is, to me, the gold standard all other litrpgs should follow. The MC is powerful and unique enough for you to truly enjoy the plentiful fight scenes and not powerful for the struggle and conflict to seem superfluous. Additionally, the main character(and company) are interesting enough for you to see them as their own character rather then an iteration of an existing stereotype. The author is also very consistent with posting new chapters, which is always a plus. You should definitely try it.

Doomsday Pillars

The story is great, it has a great plot and interesting characters. The grammar is terrible however. It goes beyond just a few errors, with the author basically never conjugating any words. If you don’t mind bad grammar, give the story a go. But if grammar is important to you, then this story will be unreadable.