Dungeon Robotics

Over use of I. Constant POV shifting is so frustrating. The story feels very 2d. Lack of emotion and contection the the characters.


I usually dont go for mech style books but i finished all youve written so far all 482 pages in 1 day. Id call the book fast paced but slow. I realize you are setting it up for 6-7 books and i greatly enjoy that. Ive noticed a few grammer errors, repeat words and run on sentences. Remarkedly few though. Man i missed this story. Glad you are back.

Blue Star Cultivator

Your chapters are to short. The characters lack depth. Dont use lol in a descriptive. Sounds extremely dorky. Ask yourself would you say laughing out loud when you describe something. You repeat words and your sentence structure could use some work.

Beast Cultivating System

Your sentence structure and word placement need work. Its just doesnt flow properly. I havent seen any spelling errors yet. Interesting story otherwise.. finished your book up to chapter 46. You really need to get an editor. Or slow down on the typing. You repeat information from the previous paragraphs 2 or 3 times.  

Strongest Protagonist's Aura

This story is so dry. The sentence structure is confusing. No depth of character.

Into the Black

I love this book. Constantly excited for yhe next chapters. I do feel that chapter 170 should have come aftet the following prologue. But otherwise i seldom see any spelling errors or structure problems. I wish yhe current chapters featured the MC more. We havent seen a level or skill update for him lately.

Endless Expanse Online

Love the concept of  this book. Sadly i feel your book lacks an emotional connection. Your characters are 2d. 

New beginning

I really like the convept for this book. Sadly your sentence structure needs work. You drop words such as the, a, and. It would really help for you to have an editor or proofreader to advise you on how to fix this issue.

Stronghold In The Apocalypse

You should work on your sentence structure. The flow just isnt there. Your word use needs editing. As an example. You wrote stole instead of steal. Theres more but i dont want to go into greater detail.

The Reborn Runesmith

Thats a unique start to a reincarnation novel i approve. But you could use some editing, your word placement and sentence structure needs improving.