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Shou Kouyou

    1. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted! Your hands have become jars of apple sauce made that can be easily opened by anyone but yourself, for you have no hands! I wish that all wishes don't come true.

    2. Re: Quality or Quantity? What do readers want to see?

      Hmm how I view it is, rather than considering quantity, consistency should be the main factor here. Quantity is an inevitable result of consistency, its only a question of when rather than if as long as (...)

    3. Re: The Pledge (Details)

      Birth of Mana Accidentally gave the wrong link above so here's round 2 Me dumb, but me write, and ME FINISH!

    4. Re: Birth of Mana, A Post-Apocalyptic Scifi Story

      Just finished revising the prologue + 1st 10 chapters.

    5. Re: Seeking reviews on my epic fantasy story (Willing to swap reviews as well)

      I would be glad to swap reviews. Just finished revising (closer to the level of a rewrite actually......) the earlier chapters of my story and am currently looking for feedback for my story. The link to (...)

    6. Re: Looking for Reviews/Review swaps/general feedback

      Hey community,  Just stared writing my first book ~2 weeks ago but I haven't been able to gin much feedback so I figured its time to find some actively.  My story is a post-apocalyptic adventure story (...)

    7. Re: Birth of Mana, A Post-Apocalyptic Scifi Story

      Self-promotion by new writer working on his first book. Looking for people to accompany me through my journey as I write this book. Views, comments and feedback will be appreciated. ;)  Synopsis: (...)

    8. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Birth of Mana Welp why not, my series title wouldn't make any sense if i don't complete it anyways.  I pledge to get rid of the darkness in the skies of the world I pledge to bring back the sun (...)