Volker Hütter

Volker Hütter

To Build An Empire

Style: A unique power system and also an excellently made reincarnation without the cringe that normally comes with it. Also, reincarnation is not the only thing that makes the mc special. 

Grammar: Perfectly understandable. I find no mistakes as a non-native speaker.

Story: Engaging storylines with some light-hearted scenes, an interesting main storyline, and actually surprising plots who do not feel forced and have an actual impact on the story and the character developing.

Characters: Probably the weakest point in the story, which is not a problem. There are some really fleshed out characters who learn to like. Sadly there are also some characters who don´t get that much screen time regularly so they kinda get out of your head after you haven´t seen them for a while. Integrating these characters more into the story with extra screen time and side storylines would probably solve that. After that, I would give 5 stars. 

Overall 5 stars. It´s a great story without your typical cringe and an actually interesting storyline. I´m really looking forward to more of this story!


Decent story with realistic characters

This book contains a good story dept, your interested in what will happen next and the best thing is the actually really good developed characters not just the mc but every person feels alive and 3D. One huge plus point is also that the mc is a likable person and stays true to his character. You can see that this book is written by an experienced and mature person because you can definitely see that the story is fleshed out and that there is definitely content going to come. Mature person because the mc is not perverse who lusts after every woman he sees but also he treats women the same as men which are often not the case and destroy the atmosphere in those stories. The author reacts to your comments and actually wants to improve the story! The end of chapter one was kinda confusing for me but the rest of the story was really good in terms of understandably and grammar. 

From A Delinquent To A God in 10 Minutes

I honestly can´t find the words for why I´m so deeply intrigued and mind blown from the 4th chapter. This story is honestly a masterpiece. What the author does to the characters is amazing! I have never seen deeper characters and it´s amazing. Just go ahead and read it!

A Sith's Journey

Absolutely legendary! Such a pleasure to read! Greatness in it´s perfection! Go read it! Now!

Re; Hell Gate

Really nice MMO story with a likeable MC

It´s a really nice MMO story with a likeable MC. The MC is strong but has to work for his power. He is a badass person in game but there were short scenes in RL where he is a pushover but I hope it doesn´t appear again. Overall a really good story which just started! (As of chapter 47)

The Rise of the Forgotten

Absolutely amazing writing! Little to no grammar mistakes and a captivating tension.

The Heretic Legion

A refreshing, unique setting.

My rating:

1star=really bad.2star=bad,3star=not good but also not bad,4star=really good,5star=godlike

To the story:

I give it 3.5 stars because there isn´t that much content till now(chp.4) so I dont really know in which direction the author will develop it but the start of the story was a really refreshing and unique experience in RR. The story is writen in good english and grammar as far as Im as a non nativ speaker can judge it. Its not writen that cleary at the beginning so its difficult sometimes to understand what is meant. The magic system used in this story is unique so far. Its a complete new way and got a suitable rank system. For all who are interested in reading it, do so! The chapters aren´t that long so just check it out if it fits you!



I was Bored So I Became The Antagonist In a VR Game

The one and only true antihero! Here you get what your searching for!

Death Count

Till now quite to my liking!

Quite nice till now. Its a short story at the moment, so i cant really tell a lot about it now. I really liled the beginning. Lets see where the story will head!

To the story

Its a really cool idea about the power system and character building, I really liked that!

The story is till now a dark/fantasy/(antihero?) Story.

(Everybody defines antihero else)

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