The Alchemist's Potion

If you like sweet stories about kids getting into trouble and learning valuable life lessons then this is the short story for you!

The characters are endearing, and watching them grow and learn more about themselves and each other is an absolute delight. For any trans readers out there I'm sure you'll find a lot to relate to, but of course you needn't be transgender to relate to these charming characters.

The style is engaging and entirely readable, easily pulling you in and setting just the right tone.

The grammar is great and there weren't any moments where I was stumbling over typos or awkward sentence structures. Nor did I ever have to re-read a sentence to puzzle out what it meant to say. It was all smooth and well structured.

The story is of course a simple one, as it is just a short story. Still it packs quite the emotional punch for being as straightforward as it is (well, maybe not that straight xD).

I highly recommend anyone looking for a cute and wholesome short story to check it out. And it's a great first step into trans lit as well for those new to the genre.

I only ask that you read it with an open mind and I'm sure you'll find that it will sneak right into your heart.

Nora and the Search for Friendship

A must read if you're looking for a slow paced low stakes story with excrement writing and better characters. Reading this story is like hugging your favorite stuffed animal, it's just so warm and comforting. 

Written in a short of journal style you're really pulled right into the main characters life, and her goals and motivations are so relatable you can't help but cheer her on as she works hard to just make some close friends. An very well executed style choice for the subject matter.

The story itself is perhaps a bit slow paced, while the ending might feel a tad rushed but those are really the only downside to the whole thing. And as someone who liked the ending and enjoys a slow pavcd slice of life they weren't downsides at all. Plus, I mean, how much more relatable can a story be when the whole thing is about someone struggling to make friends. It doesn't shy away from incorporating the setting (a kind of glamorous, white washed Victorian England) and the difficulties that places on relationships either. Class and gender divides being consistent themes and realistically handled. 

The grammar was very solid, never tripping me up enough to have to reread a sentence to figure out just what was meant. Though there were a handful of typos throughout they were rare enough that it didn't impact my reading in the least.

The characters are really the stars of the show for this story. Our sweet Eleanor is a complex, if not complicated lead character. Struggling to become someone that she's proud of woke also working through the very real struggle of figuring out who she is exactly. Violet is a sweet girl whose rather bad at expressing herself and tries her very best to be a proper Lady. She makes an excellent contrast to Ellie, and they both affect each other for the better. The prince's are an eclectic group, many of them very endearing.

It is over all a heart warming story of the glamorous ultra rich beautiful ladies and handsom princes's sort. And while the emotions and motivations are well grounded, it can be easy to balk at the egregious wealth of the main characters made all the more stark in comparison to the not-poverty of a few of her friends. Also, I think that there is not a single character of color in the whole thing, like it's a mesmerizingly white story. Not that that isn't a common issue on this site.

I highly recommend reading this, it's one of my favorite stories on RR and I plan on rereading it on occasion for years to come.

Tower of Arnold: A Somnus Story

The best way to enjoy this excellent satire is to have another tab open in your browser full of pictures if cute kittens and puppies playing. Also maybe a plastic bag, if you made the mistake of eating before reading. Because about every other paragraph you're gonna need to bleach your eyes, uh, because no one can handle the excellence of Arnold for long. It's like uh, staring into the sun or something, to glorious to behold, yup. 

Really though, I'd recommend you read at least the first book of The Tower of Somnus first if only so you can see how maligned and missrepresented our poor heroic lead Arnold was. Though if you have enjoyed any experiences with "nice guys" and the wonders of male writers describing female characters than you are well equipped to get the gist. 

Please rate the story so others can behold its glory 

The Crimson Mage: Draft 2!

This is at its heart a story about people who love and care about each other and will do anything to stop the suffering of their communities. Throughout the story we see a variety of ways big and small dangerous and not so dangerous that they work to help one another. And in the middle of all this is Orenda, a small girl with nothing to her name but dreams and magic.

If you want a story with a lovable main character up against impossible odds then this is the story for you! 

Artificial Jelly

Lots of cute potential used to drive in the knife of tragedy all the deeper over and over and over for that sweet sweet reward.

It's pretty well written and well loved for good reason. But it's definitely not for everybody.

The main character is wonderfully sweet and caring. The antagonist is unknowingly cruel and viscous. And it's a heck of a ride. But seriously though, the tragedy tag holds through for the whole story so prepare accordingly.

Grimoire's Soul

Frustrating Characters and Fabulous World Building

I'm absolutely loving this story! It's clear that the author has put a ton of effort into building the world and outlining the plot and it really shows how much they put themselves into this novel. 

The grammar and spelling and formatting all exceed my ability to find fault leading to a smooth reading experience as there are no weird mistakes to get caught up on.

The style is similarly well executed with a comfortable character focused fantasy style that every reader on this site is probably familiar with. An important note though that the pacing is quite slow with the occasional burst of intense action, so do please bear that in mind.That comfortable familiarity and solid execution really allow the story, characters and world to shine. 

The story is full of well worn tropes used in interesting ways. With the main character living in the land of nobility (though she herself is certainly no princess) chosen by a magical tomb of forbidden power and knowledge. This power enough to allow her the ability to break the shackles (often more literal than she'd like) that bind her. From there though things get tricky, with access to power but no training to go with she isn't an op powerhouse able to change the world. Things of course don't go to plan and hijinks ensue! 

The characters are perhaps the most divisive part of the story outside the slow pacing. But there is a reason I still rated them so highly! Because they are so human! With flaws and quirks and different experiences and understandings of the world around them. And all those differences lead to a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings and confusion but also new understandings and changes of perspective and real growth. The main character is clearly neurodivergent and the author does a splendid job in showing this and exploring what it's like and what it would be like in this setting. There are real consequences for it and it's all handled fabulously well by the author... not by the society the character's live in though, ugh definitely not that. 

But what a world and society it is! This is no copy paste of Victorian England, though there are many similar aspects. No there is a whole different way of structuring society with the usual class system integrated in. It's bizarre and different and a joy to explore (FROM A DISTANCE) especially with the magical tomb working as the readers stand in and just add confused and perplexed as us as they try and figure out just what exactly changed over the past millennia. 

This story is well worth a look! 

Blessed Time

If at first you don't succeed try try again

If you want a complex world with more depth than you can shake a stick at, if you want a main character who has to work his butt off to gain any real power, if you want a well planned story with pacing that will grab you and just not let go than this is the story for you!

The style is heavily influenced by both western fantasy as well as xianxia and takes only from the best both have to offer. It uses well worn tropes but with skill and nuance, giving you enough to keep you in familiar territory all while pulling you deeper into the story.

The story itself is madly entertaining with precisely planned and executed arcs and plot lines each one given care and attention. Which leads to the major benefit of a concise and coherent narrative and a lot of room for foreshadowing and world building and character development.

Micah may start out as a magic nerd and, well to be honest he still is even in arc 4, but he's also a deeply human character with all the flaws and strengths that brings. He starts out of course as excitable and directionless as any teenager might be. Ready to take the world and seek adventure, and love and knowledge. But he learns and grows and messes up and tries it all again.

The grammar and formatting are rock solid through out with maybe one mistake in any given chapter, keeping it far above average for this site. 

I don't ready know what else to say other than I binged the whole thing in two days (curse you sleep!) and enjoyed every minute of it :)

Vanquishing Evil for Love

A must read for those looking for a sweet lesbian love story.

The style may seem rather rushed at first but if you hold on past the first couple of chapters you will find that it slows down and finds its pace the moment it reaches the meat of the story. It may be simpler too view the first couple of chapters as prologue laying out the setting and main character while skipping much of the boring childhood years yet still allowing you a taste of what went on. That being said it's certainly not the story for you if you aren't a fan of light hearted slice of life as that is very much how it reads.

The story itself is as stated earlier light and fluffy with a good dose of reality thrown in to ground it from floating away. Our princess is talented in all she tries yet struggles with the one thing she truly seeks: love. Though, not for lack of trying on her part as she is very much a well known flirt and exceedingly open in her intentions. Our knight in shining armor is a tom girl who seeks to protect the people from the invading monsters and is willing to date the princess if that's what it takes. Their love slowly blossoms through their travels~

I have absolutely no complaints about the grammar, it is above site standards and hasn't tripped me up yet. It's quite clear that the author has a strong grasp on the technical aspects of writing and it all flows smoothly.

The characters are of course the main stars of the show as this is very much a romance novel first and foremost. They are each very distinct in voice, thought and behavior allowing for simple identification no matter the viewpoint. They also work very well together, with their skills complimenting each other in much the same way as their flirting dose.

I can't recommend it enough for any who seek a chill romance with realistic characters in a well grounded setting.

Path of the Whisper Woman

If you're looking for a good old hard fantasy novel that explores a very different culture to your own, one with myths and magic, goddesses and believers. If you want to lose yourself in another fleshed out well developed world with believable and human characters. If you want all of that and more this is the book for you!

The story follows our life ridden healer Gimley as she fights to prove herself a strong and worthy member of her tribe. It's very well plotted out and clearly the author has a detailed outline for where the story is going. I'm writing this review after the completion of book one and the pacing throughout was though tight, clear, and still managed to surprise me in the best way possible.

The characters are a shining point in the story! Gimley our mc is complex and driven, her history of abuse teaching her to fear connections and seek perfection at every opportunity. Her mentor is kind and strong, with enough patience and determination to reach through Gimleys armor and begin to help her heal. Every character is believable and flawed in their own unique way and each has a clear and distinct voice.

The grammar is quite good, certainly in the high end for this sight with few mistakes in any given chapter. The formatting is industry standard and extremely easy to follow. You'll never be left wondering who said what. 

It's absolutely worth a look and I'm honestly ashamed I haven't reviewed it earlier as it diserves far more attention than it's gotten. I highly recommend you check it out! 

Onward To Providence

A Stuningly Alien Romp through the Universe

I'm not often surprised by the alien nature of extraterrestrials in sci-fi stories I read. And I get it to an aren't why they are almost always just humans but purple or whatever. But this story will absolutely throw you for a loop. 

Do you want a sense of scale for the vastness of the universe? For the complexity of life? For the multifaceted forms of being? This is the story for you!

Honestly my only gripe is that they are all somehow capitalists, which is incredibly jarring when juxtaposed with the rest of the story lol.

The characters are both bizzare and endearing all with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. They all have their own voices and views of the world. 

It's a heck of a roller coaster and well worth a look!