1. Re: Spoilerific Trigger Warning Tags

      Ah, I think there is some misunderstanding of how content warnings help people. First, I think it should be pointed out that basically every professionally published piece of media uses content warnings. (...)

    2. Re: Spoilerific Trigger Warning Tags

      Wait we're allowed to do that? I've had to add two content warning tags to my book because of one scene in the story. Could I, in theory, take those off and just add a content warning at the beginning (...)

    3. Re: Spoilerific Trigger Warning Tags

      I think the most consistently helpful way I've seen authors use trigger/content warnings is by placing them spoilered in an authors note at the top of the chapter. That way people can access them if they (...)

    4. Re: Looking for novels with very tall MC

      Ooh, this sounds fun! I didn't ask to be the Demon Queen Of Frost and Steel

    5. Re: Urban fantasy recommendations?

      I'll start off by seconding Katalepsis. It's so good! Curse Gunner Blacklight Doing God's Work Are the only other ones I know which are kinda similar to Dresden

    6. Re: For writers: How often do you post chapters? And for Readers, How long can you accept between posts?

      I think I'll echo what a lot of others have already said: post as often as you can consistently upload while keeping a backlog (and feel comfortable maintaining).  I read a lot of stories, some update (...)

    7. Re: Sorting Your Libraries

      I use my Read Later pretty extensively, I've got like (177) stories on that list right now. And i use it pretty much as intended, anything that catches my eye but I don't intend to read right away gets (...)

    8. Re: Best Female Lead Stories NOT TAGGED "Female Lead"

      Fiddle around with the advanced search a bit and to my disappointment found out that no, female/male lead tags aren't relatively new, they've been here the whole time. I suppose there just a bunch of authors (...)

    9. Re: Best Female Lead Stories NOT TAGGED "Female Lead"

      I feel your pain. I really do. Like 45% of stories on here don't use male/female lead tags and it's not because their leads are all non-binary or agender. I think most of them are older stories, so maybe (...)

    10. Re: What is Reputation?

      Here's the sites blog post explaining it

    11. Re: Fictions where MC is Person of Color

      The Morgulon Greg never really wanted to become a werewolf hunter. He just wanted to prove to his father that he could do the job his family was famous (...)

    12. Re: Yes, I know magical school stories are played out. Yes, I wrote another one.

      I think you linked to your authors dashboard. Your story sounds super interesting!

    13. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I don't know if my book fits here. One of the main character is a two-spirited indigenous person while another important character is non-binary. The narrative is mostly action driven and there really (...)

    14. Re: Why do you write about slavery?

      So I generally try pretty hard to avoid stories that feature slavery as a moderate/large plot point. And I realized that I guess I just don't understand why people would want to write about it in a fiction (...)

    15. Re: No way to get notified if someone replies to your comment on a story?

      I'm on mobile so this will be a couple steps longer than desktop but here's how: Click your profile icon on the top left side of the screen. It'll drop down a menu On the drop down menu click settings. (...)

    16. Re: Read my new Tower of Somnus Fan Fiction

      I just realized what reading this felt like. Have you ever seen those nightmarish white lady cooking tiktok videos where they make some abominable creation and it's so horrifying you can't look away? This (...)

    17. Re: Hidden Gems

      Whew, so I checked out the two stories you recommended and saw that they had like 1700 and 600 views so I'll try and match my rec's to under 20,000 views so they are sort of in the same ballpark of criminally (...)

    18. Re: Cranky Ugly Female Necromancer

      I flipping love that story! Gosh I wish there were more stories where the female mc's weren't all world class beauties

    19. Re: Been thinking about making this thread for so long...

      Pros: I like how useable the site is. It's almost never down for maintenance, it's got a good look and navigable interface (though many of the lesser used functions/settings can be hard to find). The (...)

    20. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I'd prefer the updated synopsis to be on this list if possible: Ooh, nice blurb! We're trying to keep the character counts down so it's an easier megahuge list to navigate. So we've been limiting (...)