1. Re: How do you feel about having different human races in a fantasy setting

      I think older generations, particularly in the US, are kind of touchy when it comes to the subject of race, because they grew up in a time when a fight for racial justice was a big focus of much of their (...)

    2. Re: How do you feel about having different human races in a fantasy setting

      Humans are incredibly diverse. I mean, just look at the different tribes in north America before colonization! (...)

    3. Re: Stories with 100% consistent updates

      This is super broad. If what you're looking for is a continuously updating never ending story maybe try Advanced  search with only "Ongoing" selected and ordered by "release date" "ascending" From that (...)

    4. Re: New to RoyalRoad, need some good books to read.

      Welcome! Hope you're liking it here so far. Here's a few suggestions you might like :D Villager Three Fluffy adventure (power) progression, mc is isekaied into a fantasy future, slice of life The (...)

    5. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      It's absolutely fascinating to read this thread after having read the article Everyone is Beautiful and no one Horny which talks about how "modern action and superhero films fetishize the body, even as (...)

    6. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      I don't know If I have a preferred amount. Like, I prefer my smut smutty, but the rest of what I read really just needs as much as the author thinks useful or fun in telling the story. Like, The Handmaiden (...)

    7. Re: Looking for story of Loki as cool, rebel antihero against the corrupt Norse pantheon

      Doing God's Work matches pretty well what you're looking for, though he's fighting against multiple pantheons rather than just the Norse one. "The gods are real and incorporated. Providence is a profitable (...)

    8. Re: LFS where the MC is a teacher

      Journey of a Scholar Mc spends a significant amount of the story teaching his friends, and is then hired on as a professional tutor for a while. Grammar and spelling can be a bit rough at times, but (...)

    9. Re: How do you feel when an author sticks to releasing 1 chapter a week?

      I think probably a good third of regularly updated stories I'm following update once a week. It's a nice consistent pace and I don't forget much of what happened from chapter to chapter. 

    10. Re: Whats an impossible crossover you always wanted to happen?

      With the power of fanfic nothing is impossible! Maybe Adventure Time and Legend of Zelda? I think there'd be some fun character interactions there

    11. Re: Gender bender non-human isekai folks. Im asking for the impossible.

      Definitely seconding Reboot Reality, excellent story, not too many gender feels but very much the inhuman mc that you're looking for. From RR there's: The Demonologues Not a ton of gender feels, but (...)

    12. Re: What's the first thing that interests you when discovering a fantasy world?

      I'd like for the world to be just fleshed out enough to tell the story well while hinting at further depth. As much as I love world building I don't want the author to have neglected the story for its (...)

    13. Re: Storys with scale well beyond the mc

      Katalepsis Cosmic horror urban fantasy. The big bad is truly horrifically enormous and powerful, they stand absolutely no chance against it and they know that. Onward to Providence Sci-fi road trip, (...)

    14. Re: Good romances?

      So there's this pinned Thread that's got a whole bunch of RR fantasy romance.  As for personal recommendations, I've really enjoyed these stories: Through Mist, Veil, and Summer The Saintess and (...)

    15. Re: Good romanceee

      3 super sweet short stories On The Ship Rose Jam Thursday Winter 2 low stakes fluffy romances, though they have fantasy elements (sorry) Fantasia (The romance is there, but it's a bit slow to (...)

    16. Re: Best Female Lead Stories NOT TAGGED "Female Lead"

      < I totally get not wanting to stick to such a harsh binary for all your main characters, and 35% (...)(...)

    17. Re: RPG webcomics

      Hmmm, the closest I can think of is My Delirium Alcazar which is sort of a webcomic, but more of a web serial.  I really would recommend posting to tapas or webtoons, as they would reach a larger and (...)

    18. Re: What would be the best profession to have in case the person would get isekaied?

      Shouldn't this go in the Debate forum? Linguist: if you don't get the language cheat you're boned. At least someone who knows how to learn languages has a better chance.  Anthropologist: (the not (...)

    19. Re: How many words per chapter is TOO MUCH?

      As someone who's read a lot of wildbow, TWI, and Katalepsis I can handle longer chapters pretty well. Though, I do prefer shorter ones around 2-3k because I kinda have to work myself up to reading longer (...)