1. Re: Hi guys, any advice about writting about disabled people?

      Like a bunch of other people have already said: do your research. This includes the more factual/mechanical stuff like how exactly the disability exists, what it does, how it does that, the general overview (...)

    2. Re: Stories with Weird Systems?

      Wooden Gem - extremely unique litrpg system, lots of slotting gems and powders and skills and it's still pretty easy to follow. Well worth a look Onward to Providence - if hard sci-fi met hard fantasy, (...)

    3. Re: Yuri with Sex/Erotism

      Midnight Moonlight mc is bi and poly with both a boyfriend and girlfriend Re: Lovely Affairs of State Edging of Tomorrow Fairy Tales & Erotic Trans Tales Writing Block Lewds My Roommate Turned me (...)

    4. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      My own book has an Ace protagonist as well, but I'm always worried about marketing it as an LGBT book, because sex/romance isn't something that really comes up. This seems to be a common concern, but (...)

    5. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Well this is intriguing. I don't see asexual characters a lot, even as side characters. That's so fair, even in helping make this list I've only found a few with ace/aro main characters: Hyruh-Ha (...)

    6. Re: Mobile phone vs PC

      99% phone My laptop is an ancient piece of junk. I think my phone has higher specs in almost every way...

    7. Re: Whats the Fiction on Hiatus that you most want to see come back? And why?

      < I will definitely second Aria of the Fallen but also add in: Inheritors Super Minion(...)

    8. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      The Wise Mans Fear - Patrick Rothfus  Truly an awful story. It felt like the rough drafts rough draft. Just so incredibly amateurish and immature. Maybe it only felt so bad because it's the sequel (...)

    9. Re: "Intimate" Fantasy recommendations

      Scribblehub is your friend.  Seconded, they literally have a "smut" tag. Which you should check out From royal road I have a coupe of recs: Re: Lovely One day Noel finds out that there is indeed (...)

    10. Re: Looking for novels that take gender bending seriously

      Personally, my issue with most of the higher quality genderbender stories i've read is that the main character is gender-bent into their desired form. I'd recommend reading Newly Not Cis

    11. Re: A Soul-based Class Litrpg

      Hmmm, this is my only guess Pieces of Sonder

    12. Re: Multiple countries military getting Isekaid story idea

      As far as the fantasy imperialism story that you're actually talking about goes, it's not really my cup of tea. To much potential for jingoism and military worship. I'm sure it would appeal to other readers (...)

    13. Re: Lack of “pure” sci-fi

      There's 0 hard sci fi on royal road. If you just mean no explicit magic, there is some stuff but not a lot. Hard sci fi doesn't lend itself well to web serials RR does have a "Hard Sci-fi" tag, just (...)

    14. Re: Language in fiction

      There's generally no good reason to spell out an accent. Just state that the character has a specific one and make sure you give them a unique voice that includes the appropriate vocabulary and sayings (...)

    15. Re: good yaoi with high page count

      Sorry for the lazy formatting, also I can't guarantee quality as I haven't read most of them. (...)

    16. Re: You are forced to write something outside of your comfort zone: what do you write and why?

      A story written entirely in Spanish, which I don't know, while being forced to use a beat up 1990's Korean to English dictionary and a Korean to Spanish dictionary. Thus forcing me to translate between (...)

    17. Re: What do you classify as horrific, terrifying, or uncomfortable in a book?

      Being trapped/restrained is a terrifying idea for me. Including things like being trapped in your mind as someone else pilots your body. I'm also easily startled and really effected by atmosphere. Honestly (...)

    18. Re: Looking for Sci Fi Recs!

      These aren't all the most relevant, but maybe you'll still enjoy them! Onward to Providence Pylo was a woman of trade and travel! She had set out for a life of adventure and exchange with strange (...)

    19. Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?

      Of the 100 top rated stories in royal road 54 male only lead 30 female only lead 16 both male and female leads or not readily apparent (as in dungeon novels) that's more than a 5:3 ratio... For (...)

    20. Re: looking for original yaoi

      Check out LGBTQIA+ stories thread anything tagged "Gay" or "BL" and some of the stories tagged "Bisexual" might be what you're looking for! You can search for those terms in your browser by typing ctrl+f (...)