1. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      Well dang, ran out of space on my last front page post. Guess it's about time for anther major update to the list! For right now I'm continuing the running updates on page three which is my next closest (...)

    2. Re: What kind of armour do you guys like?

      I'm a sucker for gambesons lol Also lamelar armor is really cool but it's also dogs favorite chew toy :p Practical and (relatively) cheap is the way to go! Also helmets obviously. In fiction it's (...)

    3. Re: Recommendations with romance (spoilers maybe)

      So I've got two recs with male/female relationships and the rest are gay. You didn't really specify either way so... Data Dragon Danika (m/f) The Demon Lords Lover(m/f) To Play With Magic (f/f) (...)

    4. Re: Novels with good characters and cool superpowers

      Worm Really cool super powers and system for getting said powers. Also some pretty neat and creative uses for said powers Ward The sequel to Worm Tautology Mc has an absolutely fascinating power (...)

    5. Re: Looking for Religious-Friendly Fantasy/Action

      This is significantly more difficult when you don't say which religion or what values but i gave it a go. (...)

    6. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      One of the protagonists in one of my stories is trans. Even if it's only mentioned in passing, would that story still quality for the list? Sure! Which story?

    7. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      What do you mean update the tags? So this is how i have your entry on the list: 942) Fame and Glory, a rats story by Crop Harvester (...)

    8. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      Well, my story will have an asexual character and I'm pretty sure the main is either pan or aromantic. And while I do understand that those are indeed LGBTQ+ they don't really portray it very strongly, (...)

    9. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      842) Valkyria Heart: A Modern Fantasy by YAK Edge Page 1 of this list. The author request me to remove the link and do not wish (...)

    10. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      Hi there, I aware that some authors of the titles here might not wanted to be listed as LGBTQIA+ related stories. So would like to suggest please only recommend titles that you yourself as the author (...)

    11. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      I honestly don't really know whats with the quotes and un-asked for commentary @stupidddd, lets keep our posts on topic please. I really really don't want this thread taken down. That said thanks for the (...)

    12. Re: Good FL stories to read. Not the cliche one with some dude to help her.

      These are just the ones being actively updated that I'm following. Checkout my favorites for ones that are on hiatus or completed. (...)

    13. Re: Any good Dungeon Core stories for a newbie to the genre?

      I literally cannot recommend There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns enough, it's the best dungeon core story I've ever read and I've read a couple dozen at least.

    14. Re: Royal Road Recommendations?

      The Great Cores Paradox (ongoing) The Gilded Hero (first book completed, rather dark) Villager Three (ongoing) The Demonologues (dropped) Fork this Life (hiatus) The Snake Report (hiatus) To Play (...)

    15. Re: Looking for a summoner type novel (not a returner preferred)

      Highly recommend The Devil's Foundry mc gets a demon summoning class and uses them as well as other people to start city building. The summoning stuff gets kinda sidelined pretty quick with a heavier focus (...)

    16. Re: Farming novels

      Here's the search results for any title on RR with the word "farm" ordered by number of pages. The vast majority have been dropped unfortunately (...)

    17. Re: LIGHT Theme or DARK Theme?

      This is why we need polls in for the forums :'( Anyways dark theme all the way!!!!

    18. Re: Stories with Lovecraftian worlds

      I quite literally cannot recommend Katalepsis enough! It's got tons of great eldrich abominations and mind melting horrors. It doesn't focus that much on cults or religions specifically though

    19. Re: Good Royalroad stories

      Oof yeah this this is a hard one cuz like Beware of Chicken has comedy and is a slice of life and doesn't take itself very seriously so I'm not really sure what you're looking for. But i suppose heres (...)