1. Re: Can we talk about the emojis?

      They are so cute! :peoblush:

    2. Re: Dwarf Society Experience?

      The Gemcutters Daughter Can't recommend this one highly enough. This particular story is more of a dwarf going into the deep on a great adventure but you still get to see a ton of the culture and I think (...)

    3. Re: overpowered MC + comedy

      When Immortal Ascension Fails, Time Travel To Try Again

    4. Re: Superhero fiction recommendations?

      Here's a handful that I've enjoyed! Inheritors Kammi Kettu ATL: Stories from the Retro-Future Super Minion

    5. Re: Reincarnation with a system. Female mc

      The Many Lives of Cadence Lee You're all caught up, it's been hiatus for a while now

    6. Re: Fantasy Stories That Aren't Isekais or Have Game mechanics

      So I have a lot of urban fiction, but I'll start with the more traditional fiction first: Path of the Whisper Woman Medusa and the blind woman Hyruh-Ha Vanishing Evil for Love Avaunt Urban fantasy: (...)

    7. Re: Scythe Wielder MC?

      Heather the Necromancer Also Maka from Soul Eater wields a scythe 

    8. Re: What reincarnation stories would you want to see?

      Basically I'm a total sucker for the philosophical and psychological aspects of reincarnation stories. I really like the idea of someone who reincarnated constantly. Like, just over and over again. (...)

    9. Re: Can anyone explain what reputation level mean?

      If you want a really in depth breakdown of rep then there's this really good post:

    10. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Hope people here don't mind a bit of self-promo... Huge fan of self promo! The first one on the list is FantasyBliss30 self-promoting   :peoYes: Thanks for the link! If I'm missing any more specific/accurate (...)

    11. Re: Isekaied MCs

      This is a legitimately good question. It takes literal years of active training for militaries to get people to willingly shoot at another human being. So clearly it's not something that comes naturally (...)

    12. Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

      I cannot recommend  Katalepsis enough. It's chock full of bizarre and horrifying eldrich abominations and horrible magics. 

    13. Re: Continuing the Quest: Scheduled Hiatus

      The author MelodyAvaunt has placed her book How can I save the world if I'm no longer the hero? On a scheduled hiatus as she works on another of her books. As well The Daily Grind goes on regularly (...)

    14. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I remember reading a very well-written story featuring a transsexual protagonist and other protagonists from the LGBT sphere. Its name is 'The Solstice War'. It's not on royalroad afaik, but I remember (...)

    15. Re: Is there space for fiction that is not lit RPG or fantasy?

      From a quick bit of math via advanced search it seems that royal road is about 7% horror. So, not the most popular genre, but on par with sci-fi that isn't also fantasy. 

    16. Re: Immortal MC

      Reboot Reality Mc is effectively immortal for as long as the god of memory wants to keep her around Candlelit Lives Mc and friend endlessly reincarnate (one life per chapter)

    17. Re: Re-releasing chapter rules

      But what I mean is I run the risk of spamming the updates page with my newly added/changed chapters. Is that okay?  I've seen authors drop entire novels in a single day (not advised, it kills visibility). (...)