1. Re: Does anyone else here make horror fantasy? Or at least Fantasy with horror elements?

      I cannot recommend Katalepsis highly enough. If you are interested at all in urban fantasy and eldrich horror this is the story for you! On a very different note Thaellis: A Kingdom Down Under has a (...)

    2. Re: questions regarding content warnings and tags

      For the first question I would highly recommend tagging Multiple Lead Characters. Whether or not you also want to  tag both male/female leads is up to you, it might help period find your story if they (...)

    3. Re: Things that are popular

      For some reason when I read the thread title I though we were just going to list popular things, and the first thing that came to my mind was "borscht"... Anyway It did take me quite a while to get (...)

    4. Re: How viable is writing really as a proffession

      So I know you already said that India's book publishing industry is pretty dead, unfortunately the U.S. industry is on its way to the grave as well.  Source The Authors Guild's 2018 Author Income (...)

    5. Re: Can creatures that have inherently evil instincts be good?

      Definition of the word INHERENT - A permanent and essential characteristic. Antonym of EVIL - GOOD So no. By definition, something that is INHERENT is an essential characteristic. It cannot be changed. (...)

    6. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

      I enjoy them well enough, though most don't need to be LitTPG's to get the story across. (Or at least I don't really bother paying much attention to the numbers lol) I will say that I really want more (...)

    7. Re: Searching for M/M Romances with a Trans Male Main Character

      Here's a few you might want to check out! ALL SYSTEMS CRITICAL The Ballad of Tears Of the House of Deyspring

    8. Re: Looking for recommendations.

      Villager Three The Great Cores Paradox Prophecy Approved Companion

    9. Re: Anybody that says non-LitRPG can do well on here is a liar

      Huh, my gut reaction was denial when I read op's thread title and original post. But then I took a breath and actually looked through Rising Stars which is a good barometer of current trends I think, and (...)

    10. Re: Otome game reincarnation, but from male perspective?

      Unfortunately I don't have any 100% match recommendations as I read very few books with male mc's. But I've got one that is like, a bit closer? Mc is a lady, but is reincarnated into a boy's body and just (...)

    11. Re: Guilty Pleasure Tropes?

      II still have a soft spot for genderbenders even though I'm trans and have found far better actual trans representation written by trans authors it's still fun to read a goofy unrealistic tropey little (...)

    12. Re: Is a dog called an it or a he/she

      This was a fun way to learn about regional differences in how we speak English!

    13. Re: Hi everyone, any clues about how to make the light element more destructive?

      Even if you want to keep with white magic = healing. There's a ton of terrifying stuff healing magic can do. Like, giving someone cancer by encouraging regrowth. Forcing someone to have an allergic (...)

    14. Re: What is the point of extremely long novels?

      The same as really long Sunday comics

    15. Re: Paths and shizz

      I'm only like 10-15% certain that it's this: The Salamanders And only because it's such a specific animal lol

    16. Re: Hi guys, any advice about writting about disabled people?

      Like a bunch of other people have already said: do your research. This includes the more factual/mechanical stuff like how exactly the disability exists, what it does, how it does that, the general overview (...)

    17. Re: Stories with Weird Systems?

      Wooden Gem - extremely unique litrpg system, lots of slotting gems and powders and skills and it's still pretty easy to follow. Well worth a look Onward to Providence - if hard sci-fi met hard fantasy, (...)

    18. Re: Yuri with Sex/Erotism

      Midnight Moonlight mc is bi and poly with both a boyfriend and girlfriend Re: Lovely Affairs of State Edging of Tomorrow Fairy Tales & Erotic Trans Tales Writing Block Lewds My Roommate Turned me (...)

    19. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      My own book has an Ace protagonist as well, but I'm always worried about marketing it as an LGBT book, because sex/romance isn't something that really comes up. This seems to be a common concern, but (...)