I Am Going To Die (In This Game-Like Dimension)

I Am Going To Die (In (...)
by HC Mills
821 pages

When mysterious portals start opening up around the world at large events, swallowing everybody, you’d think that would warrant some kind of danger pay when you have to sell hotdogs at a Comic-Con, right? ‘No, of course not; what are the odds of that happening here, out of all the big events in the world?’

Well, Emma was always pretty good at beating the odds when it came to shitty luck.

Now she’s stuck in a strange dimension, where the normal rules don’t seem to apply, together with a costumed crowd who seem strangely happy about this whole thing.

At least, until the first people start dying.

The first two books are now on KU, so except for the sample chapters, they can unfortunately no longer be found on RoyalRoad. ^^'
You can find Book One here:
And Book Two here:

Meanwhile, this webnovel will continue to its conclusion on this site.
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by mementorori
945 pages

Henry is off on a class trip with his fellow students, however, an accident caused the whole class to be transported into another world. In the process Henry finds himself seperated and in the body of cadet Lucid Gracile. Thrown into an unknown modern world filled with magic and powerful monsters named hyres Henry, as Lucid, must learn how to wield magic from the bottom up in hopes to travel the dangerous land to search for his fellow friends and classmates while battling the deep fear of losing himself as he lives through Lucid.

Will he find his friends before its too late?

Updates Monthly! 

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The Perks of Immortality

The Perks of Immortality (...)
by cjet799
318 pages

This story will no longer be updated.

After living decades and dying hundreds of times, Kegan has learned that he has finally passed some test that the cruel spirit had given him. Now, Kegan has the ability to gain “perks” that can make his life much easier. He is looking forward to finally having an easy life with the new perks he has earned.

Rules to keep me honest for the perk system:

Spoiler: Spoiler
1. The purpose of perks is to help the MC live longer and do new things each life.
2. The perks can be unlocked by getting hurt or killed.
3. The perks can be unlocked by putting in a lot of effort that isn’t easily duplicated in a new life.
4. Perks are generally beneficial enhancements to the MC’s body.
5. Perk costs can be lowered with more impressive achievements to unlock them.
6. Perk costs can be lowered by repeated death or injury from something the perk protects against.
7. Perk costs are increased for quality of life improvements that don’t benefit survival.

I want to avoid one of the pitfalls I see for other LitRPG stories where the game elements barely relate to the story, or offer very little information. If people are skipping over and not reading the perks then I'm doing things wrong. So I promise to try and make the perks interesting, sometimes humorous, informative, and relevant to the story.

Cover art by

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The Forbidden Class

The Forbidden Class
by Walter
361 pages

Hatred. Lust. Power.

There are many reasons why the forbidden classes are chosen. For Katai, a young village Guard, the reason was simple.


His wife was murdered during a bandit raid. His village was decimated. His life, ruined.

However, some of his people survived. Enough to make him care and keep him sane. Enough to give him a chance at destroying those responsible.  


Updates fortnightly. 

Sunday, 1:00pm (UTC/GMT). 

May release bonus chapters from Patreon as well. 

Story details

LitRPG - expect classes and skills and magic. Not a lot of stats/number-crunching though. 

Skill levels and progression inspired by Azarinth Healer

Let me know what you think and feel free to give constructive criticism! (Just be nice about it). 

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Small Medium

Small Medium
by Andrew Seiple
1.2k pages

Chase Berrymore dreams of adventure, excitement, and getting the heck out of her pastoral halven village.

But when adventure finds her, she'll be scrambling to save everyone of her family and friends from a decades-old conspiracy. Outmatched in almost every way, she'll have to use her wits, charisma, and a bit of divine favor to figure out the path to victory. But the odds are bad, and even with an Oracle's foresight, she can't save everyone. 

Even worse, she'll have to figure out ways to deal with the weird and nigh-immortal beings that call themselves "playas..."

A litrpg romp with a very non-standard protagonist, set in the same world as the "Threadbare" books.

CLAIMER: My name is Andrew Seiple. I am a writer, and I both write this story and own the rights to it.
I will be posting this story on,,, and my Patreon. I reserve the right to remove it from any and all platforms as needed to facilitate my sinister long-term plans. 
Cover art created by Amelia Parris, licensed per agreement.


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Foreworlds: A LitRPG story

Foreworlds: A LitRPG (...)
by GabrielSyme
197 pages

A trip to a public library wasn't supposed to change Tad's life. Thaddeus 'Tad' Eccles was a website design consultant who loved fantasy books and games. But an evening stop to browse through old books gave him the choice to change the direction of his entire life. An offer, a chance to be part of a world similar to the games and stories he loves, was far too tempting for Tad to pass up. But this new world was nothing like any game he'd ever played, and he'd never played for such high stakes.

The world of Mair, the Great Road that connects all worlds, is one where various races of creatures have been waging war for centuries. This conflict has left the world full of abandoned ruins, powerful magic, and strange beasts. Through these magics, the various races have found a means to recruit Champions from other worlds. These Champions receive a number of gifts and are expected to fight on behalf of their patron civilization, to rediscover old magic, and to kill dangerous monsters. But this magic has allowed people from other worlds to enter Mair without the invitation of any major power. Some of these 'outworlders' go on to lead fairly normal lives in their new world. Some prove even more pivotal to Mair's history than the Champions themselves.

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Super Minion

Super Minion
by Gogglesbear
999 pages

Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


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by a_man_in_black
773 pages

Morgan Mackenzie had a very bad day. First at work, then at home, and then her bathtub fell through a portal to another world, with her in it. Now she's stuck thousands of miles from any sort of civilization with nothing but the bathtub and a lace puffball scrubby. But she learned magic, so that's sorta nice. Now if only she could find some clothes...

Cover art by SourMonkey and Tox

DISCLAIMER: This story has multiple characters and different points of view. Morgan is the main protagonist but she does not move through an empty world. This is a bigger story than just one main character fighting the monster of the week.

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by Amsdoff
845 pages

A discussion of people, monsters, and the nature of reality, all with the scenic backdrop of a litRPG and violent death.

Anthony is your average, unassuming programmer that wakes up from a dream only to find the world he knew is gone, along with much of his memory of it. He is forced to fight for his life (badly) and try to help others (unwillingly) in a desperate bid for not only his own survival, but that of humanity as a whole. 

Join me on my first expedition into writing anything longer than a book report as I ramble endlessly and attempt to cushion the whole thing with exotic adventures in a game world. 

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Mother of Learning

Mother of Learning
by nobody103
2.9k pages

Zorian is a teenage mage of humble birth and slightly above-average skill, attending his third year of education at Cyoria's magical academy. He is a driven and irritable young man, consumed by a desire to ensure his own future and free himself of the influence of his family, whom he resents for favoring his brothers over him. Consequently, he has no time for pointless distractions or paying attention to other people's problems. As it happens, time is something he is about to get plenty of. On the eve of the Cyoria's annual summer festival, he is killed and brought back to the beginning of the month, just before he was about to take a train to Cyoria. Suddenly trapped in a time loop with no clear end or exit, Zorian will have to look both within and without to unravel the mystery before him. And he does have to unravel it, for the time loop hadn't been made for his sake and dangers lurk everywhere... Repetition is the mother of learning, but Zorian will have to first make sure he survives to try again - in a world of magic, even a time traveler isn't safe from those who wish him ill.


Mother of Learning is now avilable for sale on Amazon at the following link. The story will remain avilable in full here on Royal Road and on Fictionpress, but if you're more interested to read the story as a Kindle Edition e-book you now have a way to do that.

An audiobook and a physical edition of the book are coming as well. The audiobook is available for pre-order on this link here. It should be avilable for sale on December 21st. The physical edition is coming somewhere in the first quarter of 2022, through a Kickstarter campaign.

I will keep you all updated on that as things develop.


If anyone is interested, I have a story-related worldbuilding site that can be found here. I don't update it as often as I should, but there is a fair amount of content there already. It also contains a page with all the fanart, fan translations, audio books and the like - you can reach it directly by clicking this link.

I have a patreon account for those kind people that want to give me money. It also contains info for those who want to donate via paypal.

The story was originally posted on fictionpress, back in 2011. When I reached chapter 91, I started uploading the story to RoyalRoad, one chapter per day. The Fictionpress version of the story can be reached by clicking on this link if somebody is interested, though at this point there is nothing there that isn't also on RoyalRoad.

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The Outer Sphere

The Outer Sphere
by Macronomicon
2.1k pages

Garth Daniels is down on his luck, running from his life in a quiet little town in the middle of America when our universe is co-opted into a war between an unstoppable race of reality-hopping monsters that feeds on the flesh of living creatures, and a conglomeration of thousands of realities, nested inside each other like a matroska doll.

We're the new layer.

These monsters, the Kipling, can only be defeated in a reality with very specific physics, otherwise they are unstoppable, and so Earth's universe has been assimilated to give us a fighting chance.

Garth must set aside everything that he knows, and think fast to adapt to the new laws of nature if he wants to survive.

Cover by Asera, a cool, helpful dude, who doesn't get enough props. Go check him out!

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Construct Your Fate

Construct Your Fate
by Congra
933 pages

What would you do if you could suddenly do anything?

Lucas Creo finds himself alone and clueless when The Construct arrives. What he was before doesn't matter any longer. Talents, Skills, Perks, and Levels are how he will Construct his Fate, for better or for worse.

Follow Lucas on his path with an atypical weapon choice, a penchant for crafting Talents, and a gratuitous amount of puns.

The cover art for this story is done by my best friend ! You should go check him out he makes lots of cool stuff! If you like it enough, he takes commissions! His contact info is on the site!

A big thank you to the user Azorath1234, he helps me keep all my numbers straight in the story! :) This story wouldn't be as good, or accurate, without him!

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