Heaven's Laws - Prodigies - A Cultivation Epic

Heaven's Laws - Prodigies (...)
by Elorion
180 pages

Glory, honor, and enlightenment.

The realms of immortal cultivators offers many wonderous things.

But that which inspires awe, can also inspire fear.

Darkness, corruption, and despair.

Without a powerful backer, government is fragile at best. Who can the weak turn to when the strong justify lawlessness—or fall prey to their own lusts?

On the hunt for a rare beast core that will help her become the youngest cultivator to break into the sky realm in Monolith continent’s history, Xiao Huifen is ambushed by a monstrous dire beast that shouldn’t even exist in the Redwood Aurora region. Forced to flee, she soon finds herself running low on energy and is faced with certain death. A voice calls out to her.

She turns toward it, scurrying after her last glimmer of hope. A young man steps out from behind a tree with a cultivation a full realm lower than her own. She quickly decides to try to save the courageous fool when he commands the wind with the swipe of a hand, pushing her out of the way, and stands to face the dire beast alone.

What she witnesses in this one person is an undeniable weakness, and heaven defying strength.

Note: This book is already written and being edited. It will be heading for Kindle Unlimited so it will only be up for a limited time.


Copyright © 2020 by Apollos Thorne

Copyright © 2021 by Apollos Thorne

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Content Disclaimer

This book takes on sexual assault. There is no sexual content or instances of abuse. No graphic content. Nothing is shown, explicitly or otherwise. The author has gone to great lengths to handle it in a mature and respectful manner, but it may be troubling for some readers. Discretion is advised.

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Castle Kingside (Rewrite)

Castle Kingside (Rewrite) (...)
by Gennon Asche
1.4k pages

A puzzling encounter leaves Dimitry a beggar with a strange emblem on his wrist. Around him, people suffer as ruthless organizations, opportunistic nobles, and an overly pious church vie for power in a medieval land under constant siege by stone monstrosities rampaging from the coasts.

Can a kindhearted surgeon aid this ailing world with modern knowledge, resourcefulness, and magic? Or will rival powers crush Dimitry first?

A fiction that starts brutally grim and eventually transitions into technology uplift with a focus on science, magitech, and town building.

Warning: Technical terms abound.

Cover art by AbsolutePower.

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by Sir Nil
480 pages

“Saying the same thing over and over again. For better or worse.”

Aiden Lu awoke in a world that wasn’t his. There were familiarities, parallels, his old address, people he once knew, but people wielded superpowers, wondrous technology and magic beyond his age were used for the most mundane of tasks. 

Yet the world he awoke in was one dictated by constant conflict. 

Untold years ago, humanity crossed a line, a line that allowed integration to the wider Multiverse, an event that would later be known as The Apocalypse. Warp Gates to Otherworlds open completely at random, letting in alien things beyond comprehension or logic. Those who were blessed with power often give their lives to close these gates before the infections of alien realities become too great. 

The world is different in a way difficult for him to comprehend, yet there is a single difference that truly shook him, a sister dead in his old universe, alive but comatose here.

Now reborn with his own unconventional power, he seeks to forge ahead, to continue on.

Because in the end, a restart is a restart. One you can't hesitate to take advantage of. No matter where the path may lead, what can you do except to walk it?

A modern post-post apocalypse story with both superpowers and high fantasy elements. Slow-paced and inspired by many of the things the author found enjoyable. This is a for fun story which is largely discovery oriented, meaning I write by the seat of my pants and barely storyboard. 

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Peculiar Soul

Peculiar Soul
by TMarkos
660 pages

Not everyone gets a soul.  The rise of industry and mechanization has sent the world's population booming upward, striving relentlessly for the fixed handful of souls that level armies and steer the fate of nations.  The remnants of a crumbled empire fight in a grinding, bloody war against their ancient enemy.

Not everyone gets a soul, but Michael must - for he is the scion of a lord, and the soulless cannot hold such a title.  For five years he has tried to tempt one of the souls freed by its vessel's death.  Five years of pain and failure, earning only his father's contempt.  At last, one more opportunity to earn his soul has come.

But not everyone gets a soul quite like his.

Updates weekly on Wednesdays.

Cover art by Harry Rowland.

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Web of Secrets [Modern Cultivation]

Web of Secrets [Modern (...)
by David Musk
567 pages

Mana Artists rule the world, and the path to power is a well-kept secret, restricted to state-approved programs and universities.

Akari Zeller will never be a Mana Artist. Not if society has its way. She's a Bronze with no money, no family, and no connections. But technology is advancing too. And to a skilled hacker like Akari, no secret is safe forever. The dark web holds the keys to true power, advancement, and her only chance of survival.

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RE: Monarch

RE: Monarch
by Eligos
1.1k pages

Cairn is a prince who is already tired of ruling. Faced with an imminent coronation and an overbearing father, he wants nothing more than to drown his responsibilities in cheap liquor and poor decisions. With the help of his sister, he hatches a plan to escape the clutches of the throne once and for all. It all goes terribly wrong, and Cairn finds his priorities shifting in the face of unimaginable tragedy. The change of heart comes too late, however, and Cairn dies. He reawakens to find himself transported ten years in the past. He immediately begins to plan for the future, only to discover his killer has somehow followed him. To succeed, Cairn must unite the kingdom and discover the motivation of his killer, using as many tries as it takes. 


I exhausted pretty much every time loop story ever written and decided to write my own. You'll see a few similarities here between this story and some existing stories, at least initially. There's a lot of inspiration drawn from both MoL and Re:Zero, though in terms of pathos and darkness, this story leans more towards the latter. Be warned, it is something of a slow burn. The main character will grow and become powerful, but a theme of this story is that power comes slowly and often at great cost. 

Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Cover commissioned from the fantabulous SatoriLotus on Deviant Art

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Tower of Somnus

Tower of Somnus
by Cocop (Cale Plamann)
1.4k pages

When humanity first encountered alien life, we were judged and found wanting.  

The Galactic Consensus interviewed our leaders and subjected us to a battery of psychological tests to determine our progress as a society.  They found us to be selfish, wasteful, impulsive, and boorish neighbors.  Earth was blockaded and our collective encounter with our extrasolar neighbors rapidly faded from memory.

All they left behind was a hypercomm relay and a handful of subscriptions to a massively multiplayer game that participants played in their sleep.  The Consensus said that it would let us interact with our neighbors in a controlled setting.  That it would teach us to be better members of the galactic community.

The megacorporations that controlled Earth ignored the game until they learned that the powers earned from clearing dungeons were just as real when day broke.  Magic, supernatural abilities and rumors exploded from nothing and a subscription to The Tower of Somnus became a status symbol.

Katherine ‘Kat’ Debs doesn’t have much, but it could be worse.  Born in an arcology, she was assigned a job in the megacorporation that raised her almost as soon as she could work.  Despite the stability of her corporate life, she wanted something more.  A chance to claw her way up the rigid social and financial ladder to make something of herself.

A chance that wouldn’t come naturally to someone as familiar with dark alleyways and the glint of steel as she was with office work and corporate niceties.

Cover art by Faewild

Coloring/shading by KrazeKode

- - - - - -

Book One was  a National Novel Writing Month/Writeathon entry.  Book one has zero editing or proofreading.

As a warning, this WILL eventually go to Kindle Unlimited (meaning each book will come down shortly before I publish it).

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Villager Three

Villager Three
by Kruos
456 pages

Kira Hawthorne was just another teenage girl until the day a 'god' told the world their 'realm' was getting assimilated, since they lost some War no one on Earth even knew about.

A System is installed on the whim of a very old and capricious god. Kira immediately gets trapped in a pocket dimension, and emerges to find a once familiar world turned foreign... And very hostile.

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by Komodon
125 pages

As Arthur opens his eyes, he finds himself in an unknown place, smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, without anything to help him survive save for a set of pyjamas and little knowledge of outdoors survival. Follow his steps as he tries to figure out where he is, and what will become of him.

Sunchasers is a Fantasy novel with a sprinkle of lightweight sort of LitRPG (i.e. without Classes or Stats). While the first ten or so chapters of Book I are about Arthur's lonesome survival, the rest of the story focuses more on exploration and the protagonist will come in contact with other people quite often.

The novel is being written in British English and using the metrics system.

(I do not own the Cover)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this journey!

I have a Discord Server, Join Here!

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Evil Overlord: The Makening

Evil Overlord: The Makening (...)
by NotGodot
218 pages

If evil was easy, everybody would be doing it, and there would be more Dark Lords running around than you could shake a stick at. But the road to Utter Domination isn't easy, smooth or straight, as the boy who will one day become Gar the Pitiless will discover.

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Dungeon Crawler Carl Book 5: The Hunting Grounds

Dungeon Crawler Carl (...)
by DoctorHepa
541 pages

Dungeon Crawler Carl Book 1 is now on Amazon!

Book 2 is also now available!

Royal Road and Patreon is where to get the newest chapters and releases. 

The apocalypse will be televised!

A man. His ex-girlfriend's cat. A sadistic game show unlike anything in the universe: a dungeon crawl where survival depends on killing your prey in the most entertaining way possible.

In a flash, every human-erected construction on Earth—from Buckingham Palace to the tiniest of sheds—collapses in a heap, sinking into the ground.

The buildings and all the people inside have all been atomized and transformed into the dungeon: an 18-level labyrinth filled with traps, monsters, and loot. A dungeon so enormous, it circles the entire globe.

Only a few dare venture inside. But once you're in, you can't get out. And what's worse, each level has a time limit. You have but days to find a staircase to the next level down, or it's game over. In this game, it's not about your strength or your dexterity. It's about your followers, your views. Your clout. It's about building an audience and killing those goblins with style.

You can't just survive here. You gotta survive big.

You gotta fight with vigor, with excitement. You gotta make them stand up and cheer. And if you do have that "it" factor, you may just find yourself with a following. That's the only way to truly survive in this game—with the help of the loot boxes dropped upon you by the generous benefactors watching from across the galaxy.

They call it Dungeon Crawler World. But for Carl, it's anything but a game.

DCC Discord! 


The first several chapters of DCC are now off of Royal Road because the book is on Amazon. I want to thank all of you for 9 months of amazing support. This is and Patreon will always be the place for the newest chapters and content, but to comply with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited policy, I can't have more than 10% of the story up here. 



This is a work in progress. Major editing will be done after the book is complete, so there will be egregious typos and parts that make no sense whatsoever. Please, please feel free to point any and all of these things out. Chapters WILL get edited, and that editing might break earlier chapters. I will attempt to keep readers apprised of all changes. Updates one-two days a week. 

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The Gilded Hero

The Gilded Hero
by wercwercwerc
436 pages

To be summoned to another world, arriving in plane of existence filled with magic and potential! Already, you've been given the great privilege of becoming a [Hero] and the honored task of defeating the demon king! Some people might call that the opportunity of a lifetime!

With the chance to learn to become a master of the sword, to grow more powerful than anyone on Earth could ever dream, what's not to love about being a hero? It's just like the King said: this is destiny calling! This is what you were born to become!

Or... not.

It turns out, people summoned from another world are easily charmed with the title of "Hero."

And they really shouldn't be.

Book One - Completed on 7/15/2020

Book Two - Under Construction

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