The Last Science

The Last Science
2.6k pages

No one ever knows the whole story. 


Nestled deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, something is emerging. Kept in absolute secrecy, it seeps into a fading town, quietly shared from person to person. For Alden Bensen, a directionless high school graduate, this discovery could mean an escape from his empty existence. To Rachel DuValle, perpetually underestimated and dismissed by the world, magic represents a chance to become something much greater than herself.

In the face of an unsuspecting world, their decisions shape the growth of a budding society discovering untold power. This potent force offers anyone the power to change humanity forever—or send it cascading into swift and total annihilation.



The Last Science is an ongoing science-fiction / low-fantasy web novel series. New chapters will be posted on Fridays—plus bonus chapters on Mondays—for as long as it takes to tell the whole story. Each chapter is pretty long (average ~8000 words), so find somewhere comfy to read.

Content Warning (by request): This series delves into some topics and situations which may be upsetting for some readers. In American rating parlance, the narrative would be rated PG-13 (except for language), but some have noted the story can get pretty dark on occasion. Please use your best judgment, and don't be afraid to take breaks and come back later. I'll still be here!

This story will also be published weekly at my website ( There will be no differences in content, but slight differences in formatting. Feel free to read at whichever site or app you prefer. If you're enjoying the story, consider dropping me a vote over on Top Web Fiction, or come say hi on Discord. Thanks!


Need more to read? Check out my other story, Epilogue — a post-fantasy psychodrama. Now complete!

This story is a participant in the Write til the End pledge. It will be completed, no matter the cost.

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Ætla Verǫld

Ætla Verǫld
152 pages

~~ on hold due to life things. sorry :( —etzy ~~


AV Online was just a flash in the pan—a harsh, experimental land which lost most of its players in mere weeks. Only the dedicated few remained, carving out their destinies in corners of the vast abandoned world.

Lily Quinn wasn't one of them. With a career worth millions in the esports world, she didn't have time for a game like Avo—but when an exclusive beta test for the new version showed up on her doorstep, she couldn't say no… as much as she wanted to. Literally hooked into the simulation, Lily reluctantly entered a world beyond anything she'd ever dreamed of.

Accompanied by seven other beta testers desperate to save their beloved game, Lily dives into a vibrant, beautiful world, where mystery and adventure waits around every corner. Despite her reservations, Lily finds a joyful escape in Avo, shattering her cold, hollow reality. It was just a game though… until the group discovered they couldn't log out. Trapped in a game with no rules, and surrounded by cutthroat players eager to kill for a quick windfall, Lily and her ragged band have no choice but to fight their way out, or die in a game that has turned all too real.



Hi there! I'm setting off on yet another adventure, come join me :3

Unusually for me, there's only one perspective this time, and it's quite a bit more action-oriented than I usually write. Don't worry, though: everything's still as character-driven as always, and I never get tired of writing dialogue. Just to acknowledge it up front: this story is heavily inspired by EVE Online and the many stories generated by that world. However, since this is a fantasy setting, not sci-fi, don't expect any real parallels. 

Chapter publish rate for this one will be whenever I write them, as with Epilogue. I don't expect to move as fast here though, since it's not for NaNo. The plan is chapters somewhere in the 4k-5k range, and hopefully frequently. The Last Science takes priority as always though.

Special thanks to Reaver and Ace Arriande for pushing me to get this going, and to all my fellow writers whom I've stolen from been inspired by. You're all wonderful people and I love you <3

Quick reminder: Patrons get to read ahead of what's published! Also, try my other works:

The Last Science — A Tale of Modern Magic

Epilogue — A Post-Fantasy Psychodrama

What are you still doing on the synopsis? Get to reading!


Cover art (fullsize): Forgotten World Coliseum, by taenaron (Tobias Roetsch), modified by Etzoli. 

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352 pages

In the war-torn land of Cyraveil, four heroes strove to overthrow an empire. By cold steel and elemental sorcery, they brought peace to a warring land on the brink of destruction. As the flames died, the realm needed strong leadership, and who better than the champions who had saved the kingdom? But when the people sought out their saviors... they vanished.

Matt, Blake, Jen, and Carl: the four mysterious companions, who together had deposed an insane ruler and saved countless lives, were gone—spirited back in a whirlwind of magic to a sleepy suburb in Mellbridge, Oregon, never to return. The friends found themselves home in the real world, exactly as they'd been the night they were taken, as if no time had passed... except only three came back.




Hi there! This was my entry for National Novel Writing Month, because why only write one series at a time? The more the merrier! (meanwhile, my keyboard bursts into flames...)

I'm also the writer of The Last Science, an ongoing low-fantasy/speculative sci-fi series. If you're familiar with that, you know what to expect here: lots of character-focused drama and dialogue, not a whole lot of traditional action. However, I'm writing a bit differently than usual here, and in a very different structure, so there should be some surprises for returning readers. I hope you enjoy it!

 [Discord] — for those of you who want to hang out and chat.


Cover art (fullsize): Path of Revelation, by taenaron (Tobias Roetsch), modified by Etzoli. Normally I like to do my own cover art from scratch, but I was in a rush for the contest. Might be replaced down the line if I get time.

[participant in the NaNoWriMo Royal Road challenge]

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