The Other - a (man) called Ted

This is a great story if you're interested in the following. It has comedy, magic, super powers, silly plots and schemes, hidden bases, vampires, and trees. Characters have depth. History, backstory, and different personalities. A complex world. A magical world with super powered individuals. Or maybe a super world with mages? The immortal is hilarious. He at least acts insane. And evil.

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

This story is one of the best I have ever read amongst thousands.

How the author ends a book, starts a book, has stuff going on in a book, it's just fantastic. Great world (put some thought into it and it works well)! Super funny (if you like comedy, check out if it's your type of comedy)! Well thought out. Well put together. It's wonderful. (I think this is style and story score?)

Fantastic, the grammar is. Almost no mistakes appeared for the people that read it first (about a mistake every few chapters, though that changed as time went on to fewer and fewer mistakes to find), and are probably gone now because some amazing people let the author know.

The characters are super! Thought out, consistent, funny, have depth. A great mix. This is a fantasy story in a magical world, with so many funny things happening.

This story has magic, action, adventure, comedy, fantasy. There are dragons. Did I mention that the endings are not cliff hangers? Superb! All the books that I have read written by Virlyce are amazing! Can check out his website. They have great beginnings too! And things happing in the story? It's great! The characters interact with certain flaws that make them hilarious!

Molting the Mortal Coil

I love this story! I recommend it for those that like cultivation stories. Interesting system. I like everything, but, later on, the chapters seem like less happens in them compared to earlier chapters. Only critique from me. Some of the stories I’ve read are worse though. So it’s only a problem at a minor degree in this story. Everything else was great.

characters are dynamic. They change and have weirdness. Some do some things. Others have other things. Like in the real world. No one characteristic is applied to everyone. At least not obviously for me.

the world is well done. Interesting systems for growth. Interesting magic. Manipulation of fundamental laws of reality. Growth in mind, body, spirit, energy, and understanding. Lots of places in the world. And other worlds. Very fun! Some stuff in the future.

no huge or obvious problems with the grammar. Which is nice.

im still not really sure what style is? But I guess the whole “less stuff happening in a chapter” is part of it? To be clear, I’ve read books where a fight scene took up ten-twenty percent of a book? Good book, but frustrating. This story is nowhere near that bad. So it’s only a minor thing.


Overall, this story is great. I would recommend it for those trying something well done and outside the cliche. I have read thousands of stories and none were quite like this. Granted, if I don’t like a story much I’ll just stop reading and probably won’t leave a review. And this is the first review I have created here.

not sure what style score is? Is it ideas in the story? How the story flows? The world? Descriptions? I do like the world. And the story flows well. Cool ideas too.

good story. Is this where the world is supposed to go? Background story? Well, it’s good here too.

The grammar good, I say. Two hundred words long I have to have it says to write this review. I don’t want to write two hundred words with bad grammar! I like good grammar! I really do! You try reading some Asian stories with google translate and tell me you like bad grammar! The headache was horrible! It was really amazing! Like wow! I didn’t know I could feel pain from reading! That headache lasted a week! While I got used to weird grammar... was in a mental haze. Really, really amazing. If I was thinking straight at the time, I would have stopped. But, wow! Broke my grammar shackles! The painful way. This better be more than two hundred words. If someone wants me to remove the silly bits and just finish this right, I will. Just seemed like I touched upon everything necessary.

the characters are dynamic. Meaning they change. And it is mostly consistent. Which is good. People will change when you’re not looking. Consistency, but not too much consistency, you know?