1. Re: Looking for Good Chaotic oriented story / character

      If I find anything else I'll let you know, at the moment I can only think of Saga of Tanya The Evil off the top of my head.

    2. Re: Looking for Good Chaotic oriented story / character

      This a more mainstream recommendation but, have you tried the manga/anime Saga of Tanya The Evil? The main protagonist makes some pretty questionable abd chaotic choices in the midst of battles that (...)

    3. Re: Looking For Some Feedback

      As the title suggests I'm looking for some feedback on a novel im working on. Currently it says its a light novel concept thats because I'mgetting back into drawing manga after not doing it for many years (...)

    4. Re: Requesting Cover Art

      Hello all! As the thread title says I'm looking for someone to do some cover art for my light novel in progress, Parallelism. A link below will be placed if you want to find out more. The only (...)

    5. Re: Multiverse Stories with Unique MC This story might be something that you're looking for. When I last read it I remember enjoying it quite a bit because it just (...)

    6. Re: Strong (physically) female lead / Fantasy with a male lead

      My novel does have a strong female leads (or multiple to be exact) along some male leads. However it does have a lot of sexual content, gore, profanity and tramautising content so proceed with the warning. (...)

    7. Re: Review Swaps

      I've decided to stop doing review swaps indefinitely, however, on select occassions I will do a review swap for information refer to my profile bio. Thanks.

    8. Re: [Challenge] Dual Antagonistic Authorship

      It's a good idea but, the real question is does anyone really have the time to read and follow to seperate novels that are closely interwined in story, lore and characters and so on. Plus as you said really (...)

    9. Re: MC adventure with party as a support?

      We'll don't know any on here personally. But I do know of one light novel series but you've probably heard of it and that's Log Horizon other than that I have nothing 😆 

    10. Re: What MMORPG are you playing?

      Warframe, Skyforge, Echo of Souls Phoenix, Final Fantasy 14, Soul Worker and Revelation Online. These are the MMORPG's I've been playing recently here and there when I have time to.

    11. Re: Review Swaps

      Hello everyone! As the title of the thread suggests I'm looking to do some review swaps. I'm up for reading anything to be honest. In return I would like people to review the story below in the link. (...)

    12. Re: Looking for Constructive Feedback

      Hello all I couldn't find any of my previous threads so I just decided to make a new one to save me the hassle. Anyway as the title suggest looking for constructive feedback on my web novel(written (...)

    13. Re: LF MtF genderbender with good yuri.

      That's fair. If I do come across a web novel that you're looking for I'll drop you a PM.

    14. Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

      Wouldn't mind if you checked out mine. It may not be to your liking as it has a lot of Yuri, gore and what not. On the other hand I'd like to get an idea of what readers think. Also it's written in (...)

    15. Re: LF MtF genderbender with good yuri.

      I would recommend my web novel but you said that you've looked through the pinned thread for Yuri novels. And I'm guessing if you've made a new you haven't found anything interesting to read. Literally (...)

    16. Re: A new story looking for proofreaders!

      Glad I could help, I just remember doing something like you're wanting to do years ago (and ending not so good). And now I make it a point to upload my work onto sites before self publishing.

    17. Re: A new story looking for proofreaders!

      Are you self publishing or through a company? If former then I'd recommend publishing it on here due to the fact it's very hard to sell a novel unless money backing for marketing and advertisements. (...)

    18. Re: Any novels with breast growth?

      And it's reasons like this why I ignore the forums, in general...

    19. Re: Any novels with breast growth?

      I dunno any stories that I can personally suggest because I haven't seen such things on this website (plus it also depends on whether the sexual content is appropriate in the eyes of Royal Road). But (...)