1. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      Harem is deemed bad because of a few reasons: 1 - Like stories, it is difficult to find really good harems in the real world. Most men who have multiple wives will act unfairly to their women. Many (...)

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      Just want to say my novel Earths Eulogy Has a haram, but its not wish fullfillment. One of the main characters (Paul) is put in a position politically (...)

    3. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      *Is taking notes on Harem* Haha lol

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      Well the obvious answer is that they're like inherently misogynistic.  It's be nice if they were instead written to explore polyamorous relationships, but the genre is inextricably linked to male (...)

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      This is very fun, but I wish to raise a counterpoint in defense of harems. When I was a wee girl, I really liked otome games. My god, it pains me to admit this, but I loved them.  Anyway, I feel (...)

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      I give harems a hard pass because there is absolutely no way to have a happy and/or fulfilling ending.  Which girl/guy is the mc supposed to pick? They won’t, because that’s the nature of a harem. (...)

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      Few days ago I was reading a story on Scribble Hub and I came across very good Harem story, I won't bore you guys further, but I was thinking why does Royal Road hate harem? Many times I have seen author's (...)

    8. Re: Matriarchy

      Drizzt do urden's adventures in the underdark. First books are in the dark elves' matriarchy IIRC.  Thanks, I will check out.

    9. Re: Matriarchy

      Please reccomend me some novels with Male mc in Matriarchy Society, even if mc is not otherworlder and native, and no GenderBend or LGBTQ+, I don't read those. Edit: I'm already reading World of Alvarra (...)

    10. Re: Looking for summoner stories

      Summoning the holy sword ?? Lol!! Amber sword is also good ??

    11. Re: Evil and OP Mc

      Hmmmm  "ouroboros record ~circus of oubeniel" On Novel updates.

    12. Re: Outdoor or Classroom Coppulating?

      'Stealing spree' on scribble hub and  'qingming college'  but there is lit of frustration involved so read at your risk

    13. Re: weird, different, off, etc...

      I think you should read 'Inspector of god' A good story with weird mc and his weirdo harem and ""pant""MASSIVE VIOLENCE as sweet dish.

    14. Re: Looking for books about evil mc. (Read description below)

      Umm.. I think it will do

    15. RE: Looking for an old completed story that I forgot the name of

      Umm... I think this is what you are looking for    i'm sorry if i'am wrong.

    16. RE: Ghost Writing?

      Hello guys I'm new here and I'm very excited to be part of this community. Like I said I'm new here also to novel writing and stuff but it is always my dream that I write something but due to various reasons (...)