1. Re: What is your writing-buddy beverage?

      Water and coffee for me. I usually like to drink hot coffee first when writing, then, switch over to water and back until the coffee is gone. 

    2. Re: Guilty Pleasure Tropes?

      I love the trope of two people with opposite personalities or opposing sides falling in love with each other. This means that I can never get tired of the cold person falling head over heels for the happy-go-lucky (...)

    3. Re: How often do you post new chapters? And why?

      I often post once per week and try to aim for sometimes during the weekend. This is due to the fact that I'm a broke intern (haha), a bit of a perfectionist, and I also care about the quality of my work (...)

    4. Re: What is the point of extremely long novels?

      I like reading short works; however, I love reading longer novels even more, especially if the author does a great job with world-building and creating backstories of characters that are relevant to the (...)

    5. Re: What is your favorite place to write?

      I prefer sitting at my desk and listening to whatever instrumental music track that may fuel some inspiration as I type up my rough ideas. For my Xianxia story, I like listening to traditional Chinese (...)

    6. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      Synopsis:  Mei Ying, a cultivator from the Song clan, walks the Heaven realm's Immortality path. Jian Yu, the demon king, rules the Netherworld. Saved by a prophecy, Song Mei Ying’s existence is tolerated (...)

    7. Re: Have any authors taken to writing on their phone?

      I write on my laptop at home, but I prefer to take notes via phone because I tend to get suddenly inspired with new ideas while trying to sleep and don't want to get up. Sometimes, though, I edit my rough (...)

    8. Re: Long or Short Chapters?

      As a writer, I tend to post 2800 to 3000-word chapters here. As a reader, I don't mind short chapters as long as I get a sense of the story moving forward. I do get a bit annoyed though if the characters (...)

    9. Re: Do Authors post more during summer?

      I am a current college student on the more introverted (less sociable) side. In my personal experience, I tend to post more in the summer as well as holiday breaks (may vary from country to country). Since (...)

    10. Re: Hi! ...I've already posted without even presenting myself xD

      Hello there, ChascoPower! Your English seems to be proficient! Don't worry too much about your language skills. English is my second language btw! Hope you will find readers for your stories and that you (...)

    11. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      My biggest achievement in writing history to date...is actually sticking to a novel project for the first time and still writing it! I'm so happy that I've written over 108k words and nearly 400 pages (...)

    12. Re: Questions for Authors: What is your impression of a reader who comments in every chapter?

      As an amateur writer, I am easily moved if I receive comments, thoughtful or constructive ones, from readers. The time that is spent on reading and typing out how they feel about each chapter encourages (...)

    13. Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

      For me, inspiration for my fictional world normally comes from watching some anime, movies, playing video games, and listening to music. Also, I love looking at nature photography as well as ethereal-looking (...)

    14. Re: Editing a previously published chapter

      I believe they do. I am currently doing a rewrite, and every time I make publish, my base rushes in. It actually helped my view count quite a bit. On the other hand, they still don’t leave a rating. (...)

    15. Re: 'Hello!', from a new fantasy writer.

      Hello, Maltenai! My style of writing also takes a lot of words to push the story forward a bit, and, at the same time, I do struggle with pacing because I am paranoid about whether or not I am going too (...)

    16. Re: Heyo Royal Road Humans And Non-Humans!

      Hello, Crimson! I've been a RR member for about 2-3 years--but I finally got involved and published my first story last fall (still ongoing). Hopefully, you will keep writing and continue to have a growing (...)

    17. Re: Where are you from?

      California, USA.

    18. Re: Hello Hello! Just Joined Royal Road!

      Hello! Welcome to Royal Road! I wish you the best of luck here with your fantasy-genre writings. I suggest that you participate in the different forum threads (I try to comment on at least two threads (...)

    19. Re: Writing while having a job

      As a full-time university student, who's worked and is currently interning, I sort of know where you are coming from as well, because I'm always tired. Soon, I will be graduating and working full-time. (...)

    20. Re: Thoughts on Silent Readers?

      At first, having silent readers bothered me quite a lot because I tend to equate "no comments = not that great of a story" but now, I can't help, feeling moved that the silent readers have been patient (...)