1. Re: Hello, I'm a new writer.

      Hello, BananaRoshan! Welcome to Royal Road! English was not my first language either, but I think that's what makes RR's stories unique and intriguing, with native and non-native English speakers infusing (...)

    2. Re: Where are you from?

      I'm from California, United States! It's cool, knowing that everyone on RR is from different parts of the world. 

    3. Re: How did you get here?

      I used to write and post stories at a different site when I was in high school, but the genres that I had enjoyed writing changed dramatically after graduation. Then, one day, I grew curious about what (...)

    4. Re: Do more people use Light Mode or Dark Mode?

      I prefer dark mode because it's easier on the eyes especially when I am scrolling on my phone at night. 

    5. Re: What tag instantly piques your interest?

      The fantasy and adventure tags always grabs my immediate interest. 

    6. Re: Do you ever hate what you are writing?

      I always agonize over the way I write, but I will always love my story.  I have come to terms that if I keep going back on the same chapter and revise it--I will lose motivation in completing my story. (...)

    7. Re: What are the most common writting mistakes for inexperienced authors?

      A common mistake that I do is making the story too fast-paced.  Either that, or I'm going slow because I am trying to show, not tell.  It's an ongoing struggle for me, but I've developed a good habit of (...)

    8. Re: An introduction and saying hi!

      Welcome to RoyalRoad! It took me a while to figure out how to display my signature, so I understand about how technology can be weird.  You're not alone in this! 

    9. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      For me, I think one of the things that would really make me sad is that 99.9999% of the time--the world that I was brought into probably doesn't have the specific or right ingredients to my favorite food (...)

    10. Re: Hello, fellow fantasy lovers!

      Hello and welcome to Royal Road, missunmotivated! Hopefully, you'll meet and make new friends here! 

    11. Re: Do you like to read manga?

      I love reading manga and watching anime, but I have grown increasingly picky over the recent years.  Regardless, still love it.  I just don't discuss it or go to the meet-ups as much as I used to.  

    12. Re: Hi everyone! New to Royal Road!

      Welcome to Royal Road, sess!  I've been writing my first serious novel, so if you like ancient China, magic, cultivation, the supernatural, and reincarnation--feel free to check it out! It's linked in (...)

    13. Re: I post on multiple platforms and...

      Congrats about being one the most read authors and having your story being the most read on that platform! I couldn't help but went over to check out the Noevel website.  I've never heard of it until now (...)

    14. Re: Avid reader, trying my hand at writing.

      Hello and welcome! 1500-2000 words per chapter sounds like a great start! I would advise that it may take a bit to get a feel of how many times you could update per week.  I feel that it's okay to even (...)

    15. Re: Article on Dialogue Writing + Your Best Dialogues

      On a thick slab of wood, Mei Ying picked up a silver fish from the wooden bowl next her, de-gutted and cleaned of scales.  She set it down and centered the poor fish.  With her unsheathed sword…the huntress (...)

    16. Re: Finding an audience, how?

      I would suggest participating in forums with your signature, reading other people's work in your genre and leaving comments, and posting your work at hours that you think works for you or seems to garner (...)

    17. Re: Hi all! I'm Cosmic_Daoist!

      Hello, Cosmic_Daoist! Welcome to Royal Road! Wish you the best of luck here, and I hope that you’ll meet some new people as well as make friends c:

    18. Re: Hello! I am Kiki.

      Hello, Kiki! Welcome to Royal Road! In relating to red velvet cakes, I once had a red velvet birthday cake for three years straight! Brownies are awesome too! 

    19. Re: What are your writing goals?

      For me, my goal is to always put out one high quality chapter per week, which usually consists of at least 2500 words.  Recently, it’s been an average of 2900 words per chapter.   I’m also a busy student, (...)

    20. Re: What's your preferred method of story telling?

      I feel that when it comes to worldbuilding, I have a high preference for the third person's point-of-view because it allows for me to get to know the other characters more and explore additional parts (...)