1. Re: Blue screens/stats: how much is too much?

      Going above 25% of your chapter's word count is a bad idea if it's not being used to establish your LitRPG System. There's no real minimum and you can go with a blue screen once every two chapters if you (...)

    2. Re: Hi everyone, any clues about how to make the light element more destructive?

      1. Lasers go brrrr. 2. Cause blindness by distorting the light around others and essentially create absolute darkness. 3. Invisibility 4. Illusions by bending light (can be coupled with lasers to essentially (...)

    3. Re: Underrated Superpowers

      So I've been wondering. What are underrated superpowers that you think get shit on too much?  It doesn't have to be all-powerful or anything of the sort, just underrated: better than people give it (...)

    4. Re: Reader Drop Rate and Retention

      Im not sure of my exact percentages, but I’m between 50%-60% right now. I don’t find that as discouraging as the views to followers ratio. I have about 1300 views total and 20 followers. That was a big (...)

    5. Re: Which seems cooler?

      I've more or less finished Arc 2, got a general idea of where I want to take my current ongoing fiction. Alas, I am suffering something of a burnout for the story at the moment, as I always do so cooling (...)

    6. Re: Star Reviews

      The 'overall' score isn't really the average of the others, per se. It's how good your story is, overall. So a story that has 1 in all the others (however unlikely) could still get a four-star or above (...)

    7. Re: View on your Fiction

      I often end up looking somewhere into the middle of the story to look at the quality of the writing and how much it has improved (if it wasn't all that great early on). Maybe some people do that.

    8. Re: Adding a Glossary to your Story

      I think Scribblehub has a glossary thingy, but I doubt very many people use it. As a general rule of thumb, abso-fucking-lutely no. Readers will appreciate the Glossary, if anything. It shows that you're (...)

    9. Re: Is an 'annoying' protag a story killer for you?

      The RR crowd doesn't like "weak" protagonists, as in those who lack agency and are pushed around. If your MC is a smug asshole that thinks he's better than everyone and assumes that he has them wrapped (...)

    10. Re: I just wrote one of THOSE chapters.

      Congrats. There are always those chapters that you end up writing with more excitement than what your most dedicated fans will feel after reading it. It's like you're possessed, but in a good way. :DrakanPotato: (...)

    11. Re: I feel *gutted* by my rating :( How do you stop it from affecting you?

      Ignore, cringe or laugh at it and continue writing. Most who rate at 0.5 are trolls and look how little they affect your rating. Now now, they do deserve to be put in the worst place that Hell could offer (...)

    12. Re: Thoughts on Grammerly?

      I frequently use it and start with over 40 red lines and end up with 34 after fixing all the inaccuracies. I find it to be a tool that lets you find "possible mishaps" than any real solution to a problem. (...)

    13. Re: An Overthinker's Question About Conveying Ethnicity

      I realized that I literally never mention ethnicities in stories after reading this post. While I do imagine some of my characters as black and some as half-Asian, I only describe the bare minimum to describe (...)

    14. Re: How to write a top rated story? Popular litrpgs are usually viral in the first 2 weeks, right?

      Some people send death threats to people because they included slavery in their stories. Some get a lot of shit because they've depicted religion in one way or another. My advice to you is stop caring (...)

    15. Re: How to write a top rated story? Popular litrpgs are usually viral in the first 2 weeks, right?

      LitRPG stories do get a headstart if they're decent. A testament to that is mine, which got around 800 Followers in the first 2 weeks and has remained there for a while. And even then, I am fairly sure (...)

    16. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      I read the review, there wasn't anything wrong that I saw with it. Also, since when is a 4 star review sabotage? That seems like a bit of an overreaction to me because generally a 4 star review signals (...)

    17. Re: Help in making my signature look a bit nicer.

      Implementing something like that for a forum / site is somewhat challenging. Even for sites meant just for that. Royal Road didn't just up and make something new. It's just using BBCode, I assume. Never (...)

    18. Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

      Having it is better, in my opinion. It gives another layer of flavor. The only times my titles "spoiled" anything was something so obvious everyone would see it coming from a mile away and baits-and-switches. (...)

    19. Re: Patreon. Timing? Thoughts?

      I think a "safe" point is after you hit 500 Followers and get a few active readers. At that point, a few people might be willing to join your Patreon. I started mine when I had around 800 Followers (it (...)

    20. Re: new tag: no comments

      I, personally, love reading comments. Every time they say something bad about someone I want them to hate, I take that as a pat on the back. Cersei is a good antagonist because she makes people hate her. (...)