The Dragon Mage Saga: A portal fantasy LitRPG

I've read the entire book on amazon and it kicked some serious butt. I loved the struggle! I can't believe I have to hit fifty words but I read this darn book in one night and lost sleep because it just wouldn't let me go! Good grief I had a good time but was very upset to find out that it didn't have a few more in the series ready to go

Apocalypse Cultivation (Jake's Story)


Overall - 5 stars - I am loving this book! Fantastic take on magic apocalypse and a very nice twist on the 'turn back the clock' trope.

Style - Again, it is a 'turn back the clock' trope but very well done on the cultivation/magic underpinnings that are slowly being revealed. The author does make a lot of assumptions on how much you as the reader know about xianxia/cultivation/fantasy systems/tropes. I do love what the author is doing, my recommendation going forward (and yes I understand we're only 14 chapters in) is to continue to work in a bit more knowledge or understandings of 'cultivation ranks' for the new reader.

Grammar - great grammar and only a few mispellings that will shake out with a spellcheck or an editor. Overall, very well done so far.

Story Score - I LOVE THIS THE MOST! Fantastic twists with the MC being malevolently reborn as a zombie with the option to upgrade (please don't make it too op!). The initial weaknesses of being undead really add to the grip/hook on your mind. 

Character score - I like the character, but as a reader of the author's books, this character seems like Jason but in another situation. (Don't get me wrong, I like Jason) but I think there has to be a way to further separate the body of works that have been created.

MESSAGE FOR THE AUTHOR - Keep up the good work, I mean everything I say with the best of intentions and hope you produce a best seller ( I will probably buy your book just like I buy all your Ludus books). 

The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer

This review is up to date as of 39 chapters. The character progression is smooth and the grammar of the story is that of a fluent/native english speaker which is a nice point that many don't appreciate until you've perused this site a bit more. To be clear, I love this story and check every day for new chapter.  I do wish this would be published as an actual book as I'd probably buy it.

Molting the Mortal Coil

Great story, the more I read the more I liked it. worth 5 stars

I have read up to chapter 233, which is the latest chapter right now. I do love this series, and I have upgraded it from a 4 to a 5 star. It does take a bit of time to get into but it transforms into a story that I do love and enjoy. I check every day for a chapter. 

He Who Fights With Monsters

49 chapters so far, pretty damn good book

Above average writing, well done creativity, and just enough keeping you on the edge so that you keep reading without annoying you. 

Towers of Heaven

I love this series and pretty much anything this author does is a hit. A second chance kind of story, which everyone fantasizes about. Also, the further you get in the store the better it becomes