Atanaxia Evatriae

Atanaxia Evatriae

    1. Pokémon Fanfic Recommendations

      I've been reading  Borne of Caution for a while now, and I've really gotten into the fandom since then. Any fanfic veterans willing to recommend me some juicy pokemon fanfics out there? I don't really (...)

    2. Re: Looking for Contemporary Drama or Drama

      Heyy, so I just caught up with the amazing 4064's RE:Trailer Trash and Etzoli's Epilogue, and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend me some good drama series. I'd prefer it if the series didn't have (...)

    3. Re: Romance with some smut plsss

      I just recently caught up to part 8 of "AnimeCon Harem", and I've been craving some more romance in my reading. I've been reading fantasy J-Light Novels and K-Novels on novelupdates, and action fantasy (...)

    4. Beginner with no experience whatsoever

      I'm, as the title says, a beginner, and so I was wondering how my approach to writing a story would be and how I would even start. I just wanted to know if I should build the world from scratch and try (...)