1. Re: Can Someone who commit a Mass Genocide be considered "morally grey"?

      Ender's Game... Ender kinda had no idea what he was doing until the reveal.

    2. Re: looking for psychological grimdark anti-hero novel.

      Try this I'm not sure if the mold of anti-hero would fit this MC. He's not a hero or a villain or anti-villain.  He is someone who actively makes a choice to become evil to defeat evil and becomes (...)

    3. Re: Can Someone who commit a Mass Genocide be considered "morally grey"?

      Adding to this, because I think that last part about it being a morally black move is correct, the best thing that you could do to sway people is to prove, in a manner of another, that the beings on (...)

    4. Re: Can Someone who commit a Mass Genocide be considered "morally grey"?

      You can be morally gay all you want.  You just have to be attracted to people who are the same gender as you are. I'm surprise just how much the meaning and the context of a sentence could change (...)

    5. Re: Can Someone who commit a Mass Genocide be considered "morally grey"?

      My MC has just blown up a moon, with it every being living on that moon. Reason: He had to make a point, and blowing up that moon is the best action to make his point clear. Question: Can Someone who (...)

    6. Re: New author trying to do something Risky

      Thanks for the tips. Currently looking into the advices

    7. Re: New author trying to do something Risky

      Have anyone here watched Christopher Noland's Memento? If you haven't, I will sum up one of its most unique feature. It was showed in a non-chronological order. I have just finished my book 1 and trying (...)

    8. Re: New author needs help

      I'm very thankful for the replies. The nature of my maiden work was in a way very "delicate" that i'm not surprise if most people were offended by it.  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/17368/the-king-of-desire (...)

    9. Re: A dark themed novel and (or) no moral MC.

      It may sound like a shameless advertising but this might be what you are looking for: MC's moral code= up to you to interpretate https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/17368/the-king-of-desire

    10. Re: New author needs help

      I have just completed the first volume of my maiden work. I wonder in which way should I published this book.  SHould i reach out for a publisher?  Or Should i try to self-publish it?  I wonder what (...)


      double update chater 32+33+ re-editted prologue https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/17368/the-king-of-desire/chapter/282276/chapter-33-prince-and-the-6001-bandits



    13. RE: The King of Desire

      just return from camp. now resume writing

    14. RE: The King of Desire

      created a bunch of alcoholic characters while drunk writing

    15. RE: Saga of the lustful king

      not sure how this should work but i give it a try

    16. Most unexpected novel

      https://royalroadl.com/fiction/17368/saga-of-the-lustful-king Base on a generic premise, but the MC is a real drunkyard with alcholic and philandering problems, and looked nothing like the usual typical (...)

    17. RE: White's Course [Lecture Hall]

      Hello Whitesamurai or should I say Mr. Whitesamurai? I'm a new and aspire writer and I'm new to this forum as well. I believe that I'm interested in taking in your course. I'm having a lot of problems (...)