1. Re: Looking for excellent fantasy progression stories! Similar to The Primal Hunter, Azarinth Hunter, and The (...)

      Hi, a non-Lit-RPG but progression Fantasy novel:  Children of Nemeah (epic progression fantasy) | Royal Road MC develops a shapeshifting ability but it's limited by his knowledge of the human body (which (...)

    2. Re: Looking forrrrr

      Hey! I believe mine to be at least well thought-through and the grammar shouldn't make you cringe (I do edit it :-) ). High-Fantasy mostly non-human characters (after the first few chapters) and no (...)

    3. Re: Ill proof read for free

      Hi, if this is still open I would appreciate if you could check if there are any mistakes left on the early chapters of my book: Children of Nemeah (epic progression fantasy) | Royal Road

    4. Re: What makes a fantasy book cover succesful?

      I think you should go with your other book cover, highlighted in green areound the edges, like this oe. The picture on this cover is too busy, and not very appealing. The image on the other cover was (...)

    5. Hints/opinions on my cover

      Hi All! I have a cover for my first book that got a lot of negative feedback: https://ibb.co/yNCdWHh The guy on the cover is the main character and he is a buff dude... The book is mainly (...)

    6. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      Something evil lurks in the City of Nemeah. Changelings possess ordinary citizens and turn them into horrific monsters with terrible capabilities. The only group able to deal with this threat is the (...)

    7. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Hmm, I think by now I can recommend  Divine Blood | Royal Road by  kieranpierce Contrary to my own story, this is a happy-go-lucky story with a doggo (A Doggo!) as one of the main characters! Meet (...)

    8. Re: Criticism leading to hiatus

      Well... I honestly never got negative feedback yet, but I will likely get some with my newer fiction. I am prepared for that and I honestly care only for the negative feedback that does help me to make (...)

    9. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      Hey there! If you like both Tolkien and mutant-universes like X-Men, this might be for you:  Children of Nemeah (epic progression fantasy) | Royal Road It's a fantasy fiction that has several unique (...)

    10. Re: Any good action stories.

      Hey! If you're searching for action - the first book of my story is fully out and we are 13 chapters into the second:  Children of Nemeah (epic progression fantasy) | Royal Road here is a short description (...)

    11. Evolution Progression: Mutants in a sword and sorcery/ fantasy setting

      I decided to get away from Kindle Unlimited and post the finished book 1 of "Children of Nemeah" as a Royal Road version again! We are currently at chapter 18 of 34 and I try to post one chapter per (...)

    12. Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

      I think I would have exactly what you are looking for if my story was completed...  currently, the first book is finished and the second ongoing. The main character himself will evolve into something (...)

    13. Re: Looking for: humanity VS much stronger enemy

      Children of Nemeah (epic progression fantasy) | Royal Road My main story is basically humanity against what has evolved from humanity. The story will take a very unexpected turn in the first 7 chapters (...)

    14. Careful with Amazon

      Hey guys, I just started selling my first book on Amazon..... be careful with that one! If you apply to KDP and KU, you are bound to delete ANY version of your book everywhere else (before you (...)

    15. Epic progression Fantasy (based on evolution/mutant progression)

      The first book of Children of Nemeah is out and the story is something to behold! Read at least to Chapter 3 and I promise you will be shocked by the development of the story for the first (but not (...)

    16. Re: Recently finished a Grimdark Fantasy novel and putting it out here!

      Always searching for the few grimdark novels that are worth the read - will check out yours!

    17. Re: Finally finished my first book!

      I finally made it, Children of Nemeah - Book 1 is finished and published on Amazon:  Children of Nemeah: Book 1 eBook : Veiling, D.C.: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store I don't expect much, but it's a great (...)

    18. Re: POV Changes

      I think you'd be fine if you kept with Sally's POV for the scene labeled 'Sally'. So a bit of rewriting there. The 'Haylee' scene looks good - you stick to her viewpoint. I didn't notice any jumping (...)

    19. Re: POV Changes

      Hi, I started writing a year ago and my general feedback from other authors is that I am doing great :-) My Problem is: I don't know shit about writing  I see that I have one problem about too many (...)