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Plot: Every four years people are abducted from our world and dumped into fantasy realm for seemingly or reason. The newest batch are from England, included in this number is Colin.

While this is a web novel it doesn't feel like that at all. Each book is centred around a place, a goal, or an adventure.


Colin is an antisocial bastard. He is not your typical hero, he is rude, believes the worst in people and is sarcastic. He and a number of other outcasts and black sheep are forced to adapt to a D&D world. I should note that this is not a game world and there doesn't appear to be a levelling aspect.


Dudley is hinted at being part of the old British historicity. He is day dreamer and often has trouble concentrating.


Claire suffers from poor self-esteem due to bad boyfriends and is pretty spiteful. Due to Colin being the MC to the reader's point of view she comes off as annoying, but she isn't afraid to voice her views and help her friends. She says that she is sticking with Colin because none of the other groups accept her.


Maurice is the nerd of the group. Back on Earth he was an outcast and sees Colin as the closest thing to a fellow geek.


Victoria/Flossie is the kind and caring member of the group. Often sees herself as a floormat for other people. She and Claire are friends.


What I like: I really like this series mostly because the MC is very unconventional and in this day an age where the Thought Police are out to get anyone who doesn't share their opinion, V. Moody gives them all the finger.


What I don't like: The monologuing is a bit excessive.


Impulsive: Descendants of the Gifted

The first things that I like about it. It feels like a decent read but it didn't grip me. With a book it either grips me or it did and this one didn't

It does get some good praise from commenters and I think that it shouldn't be glanced over. I couldn't get into but it doesn't mean that it's bad.

One of the things that got me was that there was a lot of characters that get introduced too early on and the shifting perspectives didn't really do it for me.

Enlightened Empire

Firstly, I only read up to chapter 10 of this book. The author told me that the plot picks up after the 10th chapter but I have a lot of reviews to do so I am only reviewing the initial start.

Now that I got out the part where I am only reviewing the prelude and up to chapter 10, let's get some things out of the way.

Plot: The plot appears to center around the MC the prince and his rise to power. After coming home after being exiled, MC goes on a quest to gain his empire back from his brothers.

Characters: The main character feels like he could either be an early dictator or a hero depending on the later chapters. It is still early days and we are just getting more characters. Not much a supporting cast, yet, but more like a few name drops.

Gramma: I am going to be honest I didn't notice many and the author fixed what I did find pretty quickly.

What I like: It is different compared most of the repetitive works on this site, it actually feels like a proper novel, with an actual plot and everything. The author put a lot into world building, I do think that he could have taken an extra step and it would have been like "Woah."

What you might not like: Best to rip off the band-aid, it's slow. It is meant to be a political intrigue book. While there might be epic sword fights in the future, the first chapters are an acquired taste. So, yeah. Less Treasure Island and Tolkien and more like War and Peace.

Those of you who like Destiny's Crucible series might enjoy this as well.

The Minotaur Paladin

Went through chapters 1 to 10 would have kept going but I have got a lot of review swaps to do and 10 sound like a good number. So this review only covers the early chapters.

Plot. This is a what if life turned into a video game scenario with the main Character being Minotaur who was displaced from his world and got trapped on Earth.

Characters. Two main characters of interest. The Minotaur and Clair. The Minotaur seems to be the decent person in this book and I guess that author did that for a reason. He is the voice of reason in a world gone mad.

Clair is a broken individual with a lot of hidden anger issues, she acts as the human part of the pair trying to guide the Minotaur in a destroyed America.

What I like. It is an interesting take on a possible situation, and the author appears to enjoy making the monsters more sensible then the humans. The author is trying to do an Old Man Wolverine feel, where everything has just went horribly wrong somewhere and heroes appear to be a minority.

What I don't like. Grammar. Even after 4 months and 300,000 views there are a lot of spelling errors, typos, and formating errors. And once again I only read until chapter 10. I think that this is the book where the first person to read a chapter isn't a good thing.

Overall. Interesting first impression, grammar hurts the immersion, dark, gritty, LitRPG and post apocalyptic. 

Black Coin

So yeah, I'm up to chapter seven. So far I enjoy reading it, the book is dark high fantasy. I do get an anime feel from it when it gets to the paladin, but that's just because she is so over the top, and the people seem way too strong and powerful.

It is well writen, I don't see any grammar mistakes and it is up to publish book standards. For now.

I'm not really certain of the plot yet but that might be because it is a little early. It could turn into a story of revenge, questing, or coming of age. There is world building but we haven't gotten in depth with it, yet. And the monsters remind me a lot like the Darkspawn from Dragon Age.

Saying all that, the book does get dark and the villain feels a bit cartoony, but that might be me. I recommend it for people who are into dark world of fantasy.

Child of Nightmares

Basic plot of person goes to another world. Main character is Vi and wants to be a wizard. Decent world building, characters are okay but needs more chapters in order for more personality to shine.

What sets this story apart from the others is that it is actually well written. I can see this book being on kindle and selling like mad, the problem is that the author doesn't keep to a schedule and the published chapters are far in between.

Eldritch Night

This is actually one of the best litrpg books on this website. I did expect a bit more horror but overall it isn't bad.

Plot: the author pulls out the apocalypse dice and rolls up lovecraft. The main character, Gus gets caught in a dungeon and then ends up fighting in the same dungeon. Add in another apocalypse on top of the first one.

Yeah, the world is ruin but it can always get worse.

The game system reminds me of a lot of So I'm a Spider, so what? Skills evolve from other skills and you can easily become god king. This is by design the monsters get weird and strong pretty early. But it doesn't feel that the characters are too strong.

I am picky about what books I read. Too many grammar errors, too much unrealistic story telling and I have to put it down. As I have read this a few chapters shy from the ends I can tell you it is worth a look at.

My main problems is that I think the author jammed a big twist and he didn't make me care or know enough about that character. Also the book is in first person perspective.

A Succubus System? But I'm a Virgin!

The story stars Risa, the most useless girl in the history of a fantasy series. After somehow getting talked into a dungeon dive she dies and her soul enters the body of a trapped succubus.

Risa, being absolutely frightened of sex is against this.

This series could have been interesting if Risa was good at something, but she's not. I dumped this book after chapter 6.

I could live with with the poor descriptions and the sub-par grammar, but the main character is just annoying.


Not bad, good concept.

I think the premise behind this book is great. Somebody dies and the MC has to play a game to figure out who did it.

Saying that I think the the MC in this book is an idoit. Not the fun kind of idoit like in Psych but the normal guy who puts himself way out of his comfort zone kind. This does make him a bit more believable as a person than if he was some super detective, but it does cause you to shake your head at him.

I don't personally see any grammar issues and the author does shine when it comes to the fight scenes.

I have only finished chapter 5 but I think that this is a good series. 

The only problem that I have is that the police did find the MC a bit to early and I think that it could have been spaced a bit more.

The Children of Destiny

First of all the story is very vivid and there are no grammar mistakes that I can see. I have only read up to chapter five so this review might not be the best to consider.

If you like Dungeon Maddess you will probably like this project.

The main problem that I have with it is that the book feels like an instruction manual. A lot of technical aspects about the magical system and explanations. The character backstories are just sort of thrown at the reader early on and I would have liked them and mystery around the characters better spaced out.

There is a sex scene in it but I wouldn't give it any points. A bit mechanical and I think that story could have been the same without it.

This is my personal opinion and you might argue with it.