1. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      Hi I would like to join. My fiction is This is what I think is a bit more creative. The main character is blind, so there are no visuals to help (...)

    2. Re: Why most of the authors drop their stories

      I'm sure that people stop writing their books because they aren't popular or they were trying out an idea. The reason that I stopped was not because I didn't like where my characters were going or that (...)

    3. Re: why do stories fall apart towards the end?

      I can't say this about most authors but for me it is a combination of bad planning and being intimidated by an ending I put a lot of energy into just writing and building this world that it is hard to (...)

    4. Re: Anyone want to help me create an evolution chart for demons?

      Perhaps using the Gremlins idea. Mogwai, which is an obscure chinese demon which eats after midnight and turns into a gremlin. From there the monsters are easily mutated through chemicals. Remember that (...)

    5. Re: Surprised that the fan fiction is so weak

      I have been looking through some of the fan fictions and I am surprised at how many Naruto, One Piece, and anime fan fictions there are but little in the way of classical novels. Where are the Conan the (...)

    6. Is any one else surprised at the lack of time travel

      While I am seeing a gross amount of MC goes to another world and harry potter rip offs, I am surprised that none of the authors are taking several basic genres seriously. Time travel being one of these (...)

    7. Trying to find some book readers and some feed back.

      Hi everyone, I join yesterday but I have been writing for a few years. I was hoping to get a few readers to have a look at my book The Abstract. So far I have over twenty chapters but I have posted only (...)

    8. RE: Feedback on my story.

      What's the books name?