Ryu D

Ryu D

Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

Gamer's Guide to Waking (...)
by SavageMercy
44 pages

Being born is hard.

Being reborn is even harder.

But being reborn as a baby dinosaur in a world where everything wants to kill you, skin you, and suck the marrow from your bones? That's the hardest.

At least the magical blue boxes say I can evolve, though?

Link to the discord: here.

Cover art is a placeholder while I get one commissioned.

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Dungeon Annihilation: A Dungeon Robotics Alternative

Dungeon Annihilation: (...)
by Dragonsunxx
233 pages

Book 1: Regan was a robotics scientist that caused the robot takeover of the world. When his last creation finally completes his plan to free himself destroying the world in the process. Destruction offers him a second chance to test his wits and cunning in another world. Now tasked with a goal that would upset the balance of a new world, Regan might be a bit more than the people of the world can handle.

This is an alternate version of Dungeon Robotics. That being the case, there will be instances that events might be repeated in the beginning chapters. I am writing this in my free time and it will have a haphazard upload schedule. 

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[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide (...)
by SavageMercy
210 pages

This project has been moved to Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur. Please see the updated project under my fictions.

Cover art is "Playtime" by Kerem Beyit.

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Ascendance: Rebirth of the Unknown Gamer

Ascendance: Rebirth of (...)
by Aurafyre
181 pages

Aura Thompson, one of the most unknown experts in the DMMORPG known as Ascendance, dies of old age, only to find that his final wish has been granted and that he can start again on his path to immortality through the fantasy game he loves.

Read as Aura uses his knowledge of mankind's second world to chase after his dream.

He knows all the secrets that players uncovered over the 132 years he played the game: quests, classes, skills, hidden treasures, lore, and all sorts of things that could tip the balance of the world in his favor.

How far will he go?

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One Piece: Harem King

One Piece: Harem King
by sysBlank
138 pages

What would you do if you woke up in the world of One Piece with a powerful System? Live life to the fullest in a world where strength speaks!

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by JavinHawat
117 pages

This is a fan fic set in the brilliantly crafted world of Chrysalis, which RinoZ has generously given permission for me to post.  


Our hero is no transmigrated human, but a genuine monster, spawned from the rich mana veins running beneath a fungal expanse.  Unlike other Claw Centipedes, this hatchling is special, gifted with sapience and cunning.  Both of which are useful tools to hunt and kill and eat with.  Maybe even more useful than claws and stinger.  (Probably not).  Please join them as they seek answers to life's big questions:  Is that edible?  If so, how do I kill it?  And can I get my kin to do most of the work?

Cover image credit to MAF Plant Health and & Enviromental Laboratory under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.

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Reincarnated In a Naruto like world

Reincarnated In a Naruto (...)
by Stu Wilkinson
177 pages

An Otaku finishes a binge of his three favourite animes One piece Dragon ball and Naruto.

As he is weak from not looking after his health he dies only to find the God of Anime the 

Goddess of Manga and the Goddess of Light novels have different plans for him than letting his soul rot in hell for his slothful life

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Quicksword Bob

Quicksword Bob
by BlueFish
332 pages

In a world where Marines, Pirates and the Rebel Army clash against each other, one soul was given an extraordinary ability. Which faction would he choose to join? How will it affect the world of One Piece?

Disclaimer - I do not own One Piece nor any of the character in it. This is merely a fan-fiction for my own enjoyment.

I also do not own the image used for the cover.

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The Life of Kenshiro Senju

The Life of Kenshiro (...)
by Kestix
405 pages




Kenshiro Senju, son of Iria Senju and Daikuma Senju

Kenshiro Senju, that is now my name.

It has not always been...

Once I have been named differently, by another mother, in a different world. I had grown up in a different world, have lived a different life and have done things way differently. 

My story started like so many other isekai self-insert stories. Well, at least I think my death has been a little bit more on the strange side. Truck-san did not take me into the next adventure, it was lye and boiling water.

Author of the cover; https://www.pinterest.de/mliannaphilisa/

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The Adventures of Rich Burton, Knight

The Adventures of Rich (...)
by palanca_preta
145 pages

This tale is an offshoot of my Misplaced Dungeon story. Rich Burton is Mary Silvestre’s agent on the heavily polluted world of Tarifax.

The self styled New Gods had been entrusted with five worlds by three of the more adventurous minded Greater Gods. There had originally been five worlds, maybe not the most verdant or prosperous of worlds, but they had been perfectly adequate. Now only three remained and all three were suffering under the mismanagement of the New Gods.

The Gods War, long prophesised had started on Parthia and the local single planet gods there had had some striking successes. Mary Silvestre one of the dungeons seeded by Azurea at the behest of the New Gods had Allied with Ocidon the local god of the seas and managed to ascend to demi-godhood.

Now she has managed to gain access to Tarifax and they are in the process of expanding their power over other worlds. And the Gods War has come to Tarifax with them.

Rich Burton, knight of the consort is Mary’s agent on Tarifax. She has given him a body both strong and hard to damage, skills equipment and money. Lots of money.

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DemonLord_Floof - The lack of common sense isekai

DemonLord_Floof - The (...)
by Bluebery
151 pages

A Demon Lord got bored of his own world because he couldn’t find a worthy enemy, thus decided to go meet the God of Reincarnation himself. He told the God that he wanted to be reborn in a different world as the member of the weakest race.




New cover art by brevis-art. (commissioned)
Check out his DA:

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I am the pirate gamer

I am the pirate gamer
by Mehul Singla
35 pages

Within the wrecks of a burning factory there lay a body burned up body with still  a bit of life in it. The body belongs to a soldier and a spy who came into this profession in order to fulfill his otaku desires of becoming James Bond a super spy who always gets the girl. But all he became was government pawn and today he died as a pawn. As he took his final breath only one wish ran in his mind.

"If there is next life I'll live it with fulfillment and no one is gonna control me."

As he sank into the darkness of death a voice rang as if darkness itself is talking.

?????:"If that's your wish then so be it, I'll give you a gift for your next life, all you have to do is live it free"

Disclaimer : I don't own one piece or the gamer.

I Only own my OCs.

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