1. Re: new books NOT on hiatus

      The Demon Lord's Lover - updates very frequently (about once a week)! It's a fantasy comedy that revolves around the mentor of a group of adventurers who falls in love with the big baddie. The Beaumort (...)

    2. Re: Same Characters for Different Stories

      Your sentences are contradicting each other so I am not sure where you stand. I used to feel like I couldn't have two concurrent stories in the works with the same characters as I thought readers (...)

    3. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      This thread's already getting pretty long, but I'll go ahead and plug mine here too... Title: RATS: 252 Chances at Redemption Categories: Drama, Mystery, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Female Lead, GameLit, (...)

    4. Re: Same Characters for Different Stories

      So this used to be quite the problem for me, and a friend recently came to me asking about my opinion on it. So I'd thought I'd ask here... What's your opinions on using the same characters for different (...)

    5. Re: Some covers I've drawn!

      i love you rilie and id die for you not if i die for you first!

    6. Re: Some covers I've drawn!

      They are pretty whimsical and bright. Well done! Thank you so much!!  :D :D 

    7. Re: Some covers I've drawn!

      I've done a few covers for some stories on this site (including my own) so I figured I may as well show them off here! (...)

    8. Re: Surprised that the fan fiction is so weak

      I view fanfics as a waste of potential. Every writer has the ability to create a brand new exciting world. To write the story/characters that they like. What they don't see elsewhere, even if it's not (...)

    9. Re: How Frequent Do You Want Updates For Your Stories?

      I'm usually good with any update schedule when reading something except daily, which may seem odd. It just feels like if I get busy and fall behind a couple of days, I really fall behind, and then I get (...)

    10. Re: Keep getting stuck in Writer's block

      All the above replies are right!  Also, one way I take on writer's block is "rewarding" myself. I'll give myself a goal - write for 5 minutes without stopping / editing or write 250 words (making it (...)

    11. Re: How many chapters do you wait for before deciding to read a story?

      I usually like starting right around 1-2, mostly because I like to see how the author and the story grows over a longer-period of time!