Elliot Moors

Elliot Moors

High Skies Piracy

High Skies Piracy
378 pages

On Solam, pirates raid the skies armed with deadly magic.

Stephan has lived a quiet, sheltered life of hard work and academic pursuits. He married for business, not for love.

Truth be told, he's a pansy.

Now he's on a pirate ship held aloft with arcane energies. Trapped in a steel box with criminals of the worst sort.

How does a reasonable man survive in a place such as this? Will he return home, or will he be seduced by the wild vices of freedom and open air?

Cover illustrated by Rude Rubicante:


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SUPER! - A Medieval Superhero Story

SUPER! - A Medieval Superhero Story
597 pages

One-tenth of the population is born with special Powers. 

Some call themselves Heroes, striving to uphold justice and order.

Others are branded as Villains, those who wish to twist reality according to their own nefarious needs.

Paragon, queen of an empire spanning most of the known world, sits wounded upon her throne. She holds a tenuous grip on the peace she once created.

Ender, the Dark Lord of Villains, is thought dead, slain by the queen upon the eve of his greatest conquest.

Kiren and Lace know differently.

They both know he will make another attempt to throw the empire of Aribel into chaos. 

Young and untrained, their souls are entwined with one another. They have both vowed to stop Ender and his commanders.

Will they be strong enough to survive? Will they be prepared for the horrors the Lord of Villains has in store for them?

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