Beware Of Chicken

In which the cultivator leaves the sect to farm.

The atmosphere of this story is intentionally light and cheery, given the premise of the story in the first place. It's a very simple slice of life with the tale of the farm being expanded and laboured upon, with fields of crops sown and animals raised.

Though it is clearly not the focus of the story the few fight scenes are nevertheless well done with striking imagery and combat sequences flowing naturally.

The characters all feel natural and well-written. There's no dialogue that I've seen yet that felt stilted or out of place. There are comedic parts as well that are all well above par, ranging from quippy one-liners to drawn out comedic scenes, such as one where he meets a love interest while playing with some kids from a nearby village.

The romance is well done too - it's entirely believable in how it develops, I feel.

The protagonist of the story draws you in, wanting to know more despite his simple and unassuming life.

I am of course talking about Big D. Jin Rou is merely the narrator and historian of Big D's life and is indubitably not the protagonist in the face of Big D's might.

Don't be fooled by the story description. This is the story of a chicken on it's path of cultivation and certainly nothing else, though it disguises itself well.

In summary, though the story has not yet progressed very far I am very excited to see where the author plans on taking this story into the future. I fully believe that it has the potential to be a very high quality story on this site.



A story of discovery, of weal and woe

Aperio is the story of a girl rediscovering what she is meant to be after having it all stripped from her.

An engaging tale with rich characters and realistic motivations to discover in a harsh world alongside Aperio.

To Play With Magic

Intriguing start with excellent characterisation

I've not read a story with such engaging character or teasing worldbuilding in some time. I think there's the makings of an absolute standout story here.

As of this review, the most recent chapter titled Uthica is what truly sold this story for me. I'd advise people reading this in future to give it until that chapter before deciding to stay or not, although I also think it would grab your interest much earlier than that.

On the Road to Elspar (Book 1)

Though at first glance this story might appear to be a fairly standard character of the commoner joining a mercenary organisation and learning to fight, the rich characterisation and worldbuilding make this a thoroughly enjoyable read with nothing feeling stale or overdone.

Though I rate all parts of the story highly, I particularly recommend it for the reader that enjoys a slow paced story with an emphasis on original, refreshing character interaction where everyone has their own desires and motivations - not a singular character feels two dimensional.