1. Re: fun sketch

      Thank you both for taking a look, definately a long way to improve still 

    2. Re: fun sketch

      annnddd another one, this time a commission

    3. Re: fun sketch

      👌👌👌👌I like it and generally that’s what I was thinking when I made him. For ‘The Captain’ it was actually the technician who made his limbs etc when he was severely injured as a boy caught between (...)

    4. Re: fun sketch

      Lol, I actually really like your take on the characters, and I guess you could say I'm going for sort of character profiles =)

    5. Re: fun sketch

      New character 'The Captain'

    6. Re: fun sketch

      Thank you :)

    7. Re: fun sketch

      The Technician, a new character of mine.

    8. Re: fun sketch

      new character I designed named Kip. I think I'm going to build a whole dystopian world in the same style

    9. Re: fun sketch

      Thank you both =)

    10. Re: fun sketch

      New minotaur warrior concept.

    11. Re: fun sketch

      I am open to commissions (one every two weeks or as completed) if anyone is in need of a book cover or character illustration or whatever else you need. Fun piece of a minotaur (...)

    12. Re: Looking for novels with cultivation in a modern setting

      well, funny because mine is exactly that with demons and other stuff:

    13. Re: Psychopathic tendencies MC? Hopefully OP

      you could give mine a shot, might be what you are looking for:

    14. Re: Something like polymath redux, overlord

      Yo! Sounds like my story might be up your alley. Link in sig! A stream of cataclysmic incidents. A tide of horror and sadness interspersed with small moments of light. What drives Nyx forward? Is (...)

    15. Re: Stories like "From the Final World"

      You could give mine a shot, sounds like it has some similarities. The link is in my sig =)

    16. Re: I Will Give You a Nice Review

      I would love to have you check out my book and hear your thoughts =)

    17. Re: Origin of Chaos --- Rewrite of my story, now ten chapters in!

      Origin of Chaos The story of a cultivator who returns to Earth. My goal is quality so tell me what you think! 

    18. RE: Searching stories about fixing worlds!

      You could give mine a read. Just finished the first book and will be editing it now. Leave some brutal feedback if you want ;) Doesn’t have any of those things you mentioned.

    19. Tear me apart!

      hey guy, I just finished the first draft of my first book. I am planning on going through it and doing major edits and changes. If anyone wants to critique my writing please tear me a new one. You can (...)

    20. RE: New Short Story Collection

      Congrats! Hope it goes well, looking forward to the new story.