neat magic LitRpg, hobby science and magic

real nice magic system, real nice world, societies, gods 'n' stuff. 

nice development,... welp i can do nothing but recommend to go ahead and read it

there is a greater plot afoot here too, it is slowly unraveld and hints coming together but still far off keeping things interesting. Maybe it is not too action ladden but it is not devoid of it either

edit at a few years later(june2021):
Damn there were some monumental things happening. Many ethical decisions which may or may not agree to most readers but to me it was all well done and in line with the characters. They keep their humanity and make mistakes and regret their decisions but have no choice but to keep going. The magic never ceases to be amazing and there is always a grand vision on the horizon that may or may not be achieved. Give this story a go, it is a treat to read, but not without weal or woe. There is chaos, as is understandable when arriving in a completely differnet world which is complex and has lots of conflicting factions in it that are all pretty interconected and volatile. From Racism, to some high school science of atoms, light and sound to creating foods, from trying to make the world more peacefull to making  hard decisions and battle junkie daughter, there is everything.
If it is not your style cause it is not all battle junkie but still sometimes maybe too dark for you... please dont give some unreasonable 0.5 if it is not your taste come on

Worth the Candle

heavy on introspection and theorycrafting, in a good way

Depression, suicide, relationships, insecurities, group dynamics, grudges, delusions, teenage issues, moral dilemma... this novel got it all. Man this made me reflect on things i encountered in my life more than i expected.

I like this novel because it focuses a lot on what is going on in the head of our MC and that dude is thinking a lot and what he is thinking of what other people could be thinking what he might thinking because the GM might be thinking... and we get to hear all about it. 

Sometimes the ruminations gets a bit much, but later on in the novel it gets better. 

The interpersonal stuff here is what i am missing in many other novels and this novel jumps right into the thick of it.

The worldbuilding is complex, manifold, hexagonal, interesting and sometimes literal xD big plus indeed

i can recommend this if you like convoluted thinking present in all decisions made at any point^^


Unbound (LitRPG Portal Fantasy)

I genuinly like this story. The system, the magic, the plot reason for the MC's (relative) overpoweredness, it all fits very well together and gives reasons for supposed inconsistencies for the critical reader. But still the critics are right that in some fights the MCs is not just muddling through with luck, even if we can feel the scramble and i like the way it was done. there were a couple of fights where the fighting was over the top and the mc really shouldnt have been able to make it out. 

But despite this one or another moment where i was like oh com'on that's too much, the rest i really liked.

After reading so many stories here on royal road the concept or secret behind the magic is not super unique and new to me anymore but still it is very harmonious and engaging to read :)

Metaworld Chronicles

fashion, capitalism and magic industr. revolution

Amazing novel, i was kinda bothered by the high initial density of fashion lingue which i have no understand off, but that tapered of after the initial thousand pages.... the rest is utter glory and i can recommend to any connisseur of fine language. The vocabulary displayed  here ranges from aussie slang, over ... rapping jazz to lofty elvish bordering on drivel, depending on who reads it xD  

the displays of communism and capitalism here are very amusing and entertaining. I am always rooting for novels that display the ingenuity of free market ventures over rigid waste of human potential in communism but alas, it doesnt go in that direction here. Just amazing buisnuess saviness involving unaware functionaries and mythical beeings beeing equally flabbergasted by results instigated by our Mc's uncanny investments.

The Scourged Earth

sudden death hiatus cliff, but very enjoyable

i just binged this novel and it is very good. Give it a go.

Maybe the author will come back to it, because i can*t believe this story was unsuccessful. 

One of the best doom and gloom sudden apocalypse survival stories i have read. And i have read quite a few.


Math, nice characters, slow, good

I am just a huge fan of exploiting synergies and mysteries of the different magics we see on royal road. The MC is the same.

If you are not a fan of to much math or litRPG, than you gonna have a few chapters to skimp, but the fights are nice and the characters too.
Maybe it feels slow but i like the character interactions and bonds that grow slowly. 

later on there will be much story kinda devoid of the Litrpg grind but the vision and the work done towards it are good beyong the grind of levels and give some imersion and sense of living it. Being to addicted to numbers going constantly up is no good either, isnt it^^

World Keeper

really chill story, too bad there is no exitement for all those possibilites

if you just like chill slice of life story with a bit of fantasy.There is barely any tension,

Some really nice idea are thrown about but only treated lacadisically since the mc is the local overgod and any idea is just a click of fast forwarding or shopping of the cosmic market away...

the only real threat is predictable and there is really no real effort or thought into warding it off. there are no mysteries in this world, it is known everything will be known just a little bit in the future anyway...

the mc doesnt get excited or feel strongly about anything so there is nothing to emphasize with as well... but it is kinda chill read about leveling and cultivating and airheaded characters...

Reincarnated as a Troll in a Dark Fantasy World

There is a justification, storywise, why the humans are so flat out untrustworthy treacherous dumbasses, but it still makes most characters pretty flat. The other few characters involved have some simple but ok dynamics or development, jokes used well among them. 

The backgroundstory all of it came to be and will end is quite intersting indeed, too bad that the conclusion and final conflict are still open in the future, i eagerly await the continuation of the story. And i hope the hiaturs passes as announced just as the corona lockdowns^^

Dragon Hack

kinda dystopian fantasy darknet VRmmorpg Litrpg, and it is amzaing!

you kind of need the background of the previous two novels, to get all the good nuances of this amazing world that was set up here. I liked the first one a lot, the 2nd was good but not so much but hell this one makes it up twofold. 

Kimi no Nawa vibe but with a dragon and a helpless geek in a little dystopian future earth across unrecognized realities, done well, i can only recommend to give this serious a go. I wonder if the cuteness aspects of the previous ones will show up somewhere later in this part too. Well it is kinda here. In a prideful dragon hatchling way.

He Who Fights With Monsters

Love this novel.

I like the leveling system, the fights, the characters, the insight into society and powerstructre there, jokes, the joking melodrama, the barbeques, the gods, ... 

sometimes i wish for more Litrpg but this novel shines truly with his cocky eloquent MC befuddling others or exercising his evil doomsday powers hahaha