Void shifter

Besides the use of wrong or missing words every once in awhile and the pacing of the story its pretty solid. I would recomend the author slow down on what is happening to the MC but other than that I like it and will continue to read and would recomend other to test it out.


It has potential but the grammer and sentence structure were all over the place, and some akward sentences everyone in awhile. An editor or someone should go through and clean it all up eventually. But other than that its intresting.

I won't be going on the grammer and sentence structure bother me to much. But keep writing you will get better the more you write.

Almighty System

The story has a good start with how the MC came to be and I would recomend other to read the only issue is that the grammer needs to be fixed. You can find at least one or more errors per chapter but other than that it is a solid start to a story.

Survival (OLD VERSION)

The story has a good idea and, in my opinion, is being executed pretty good. The only downside is the chapter size which I guesse is not a huge issue but it is a little bit bothersome. Other than that I would recomend others to read it when more chapters come out.

The Broken World

Im not usually a fan of gender bender books but you have done the best out of all of the few i have read. Its a good book with only a few grammatical errors within a few chapters. But other than that I would recomend this to others!

Rise Of The Element Emperor

It is like most other cultivation novels in some ares and others it is different. It seem like a good start to a book i'll keep reading. Only issue is that every few chapter or so you'll incorect spelling.

Omni-System User

Intresting enought to keep me entertained as of chapter 12. Only issue is with grammer, it doesn't make reading impossible just a little more difficult.

The Dungeon of Potential

Currently chapter 4 is realised.

This book so far is one the best I have seen on this website and is ranked in my top 5 books on RR. I don't know what else to say besides that if you like dungeon stories this is one the best and I would recomend you to read it!

If you have read Oblivion I would rank this book almost as high.


Currently on chapter 10. The story so far is intresting in the way that the MC is unique in the real world and that in the game he is getting special training that is not given to everyone. My only issue is with some of the grammer. Other than that the story is pretty good, in my opinion, and ill keep reading if chapters are still being produced.

The Ruins of Rimnir

 The synopsis of the story is one of the best I have seen throughout this website.

I am waiting for more chapters to read and will change my rating off of how good the story is, in my opinion.