Hive Consort

I like the concept of the story and would recommend others to read. My only issues are with the grammar. For the instance, there was no capitalizing of I's and while referring to past tense you used the present tense. Also, I believe the story would be quite a bit better with some more explanations and a little world-building. But other than that no real issues and I enjoyed the chapters.


Currently just finished chapter 9. So far I enjoy the story and will continue reading it and would recommend others to read. But, I have a few issues with it.

Spoiler: Spoiler

But other than those issues the story is pretty good and I would recommend others to read it.

Dungeon Academy

Currently on chapter 3 and the story is not bad. I would recommend others to read and my only issue with it is the grammar. Throughout the chapters, you can find several errors where the author used the wrong words or messed up the name of the character doing an action. But other than that I see no issues with the story. I'll update this review the farther I get into it.

Before They Came (Magical Apocalypse)

I enjoy the story and would recommend to others (Currently at chapter 9). My only issue is that he gets really strong really fast and that his knowledge seems to be from nothing but intuition but even that shouldn't allow him to do what he has done. But other than that I saw no grammar or spelling errors and while the chapters are short its fine and not a huge deal.

I Hate Systems

Currently just finished chapter 8 and so far the story isn't bad but I have a few issues with it. For one it makes no sense why certain characters know things which they should not know after 1 day or how certain characters can come up with ideas on how to use others innate abilities or the limitations of those abilities after hearing, or seeing, them once. One other thing is the MC says that due to him cleansing the parasite his thinking ability has been skewed and it will take a week or so for it to go back to normal. This makes no sense as he got rid of the parasite why would it still affect him. (He was infected for like 30 seconds if that before he got rid of it) But other than certain things not making sense its not bad and I would recommend others giving it a try.

Spatial storage of all things ( Dropped )

Just finished chapter 30, I enjoy the story and would recommend others to read. My only issue with it is the incorrect grammar you can find in almost every chapter. It doesn't really make you not understand what is trying to be said but it breaks the flow of what is happening by having to think of what word was supposed to be used. Overall, it is not a huge thing but should still warrant another look at each chapter to fix all the kinks in the writing. But other than that is is quite good and I will continue to read.



Currently on chapter 4.1 and the concept of the book is cool my only issue with it is the incorrect grammar through the chapters. (For grammar issues, I would recommend using Grammarly it's free and I would say it works quite well) Other than the grammar issues it is quite a good read.

Luckiest person in the world!

I am currently on chapter 5 and I quite like the story so far. My only issue with it is that it is not quite believable. What I mean by that is first it never explains how he switches his body, like did he die or what? And while I understand he is supposed to be super lucky it makes no sense of why certain events would happen for example the three-hour wait he did to get in the game, was it a bug, did everyone go through it too, or did he just log on before the game was released. Then, the level 7 elite monsters which seem to throw themselves off a cliff, which should not be happening due to game designers actually make sure the game works properly before they release their games, also why would he gain items for somethings death which did not involve him doing anything? If he threw his dagger at the beast after watching it run off the cliff it would be a bit better, or when the boulder lands on the waterfall leopard. Also, the old man is dead how does he have items for sale? But other than it not being believable I haven't noticed many mistakes, granted I'm not really looking for them, but if you want a book where the MC is incredibly OP this works quite nicely.

Against My Will

This is one of the better romance novels I have read, granted I haven't read a lot of romance novels, and I would recommend most people to read it. I didn't find any glaring mistakes involving the grammar or spelling and I find the concept of the book unique with how the MC acts and I enjoy the small side stories that involve her previous life. Overall, I hope the author keeps writing and that people get to enjoy the novel. (Currently on Ch. 1.14)

Midara: Requiem

It pretty good (Currently up to Ch. 9)

I would recommend others to read the novel but my main issue with it is that I have seen very little descriptions on the appearances of the characters, their surroundings, and the items they use. And yes I understand that author is trying to make the main character nieve it doesn't mean they should slack on the descriptions if anything they should make the items and people more defined so we understand just what the character is missing out on.

I will continue reading and see if my beginning thoughts on the novel change and have them reflect on the review.