Supreme Lord Shapeshifter

The story is kind of unique with how it deals with shapeshifting and everything since I don't see shapeshifting stories often but there are quite a few issues when it comes to the story. First of all the grammar, there are several grammatical errors throughout each chapter and while it doesn't stop you from understanding the story it breaks the immersion of the story. The second issue comes along with the pacing of the story. So the MC has literally just died and he takes no time to get set up in the world and he just instantly gets to killing things and people. We also have been given no previous information before he was reincarnated besides that he died and even that was only glossed over. Overall, the story needs some serious work before it becomes a good story.

Heroes and Villains

I just finished all the currently available chapters and it was better than I thought it was going to be. At first, I saw the 1/2 start review and thought it might have deserved it but after reading I realized that whoever gave a 1/2 star review didn't actually read the story. And while it is not the best it is certainly not bad. If you have the free time to just give a story a chance I would recommend reading this one.

Kingdom of death

I enjoy the plot of the story because I find it unique but I have a few issues. There are grammar mistakes throughout each chapter and I understand it isn't their main language so not to much flak for that but another issue comes with the descriptions of what is going on and that there is very little descriptive elements. If the author just slowed down a little, fixed their grammar, and was more descriptive the story would be quite a bit better. Overall, it's a nice story with some things that need to be fixed before it can become a great story.

Human Nature Never Change.

The story is solid but there are a few things I have issues with such as the tables used. The stat tables are confusing as so far nothing about them has been explained so when looking through the table all I get is a mass bunch of confusing stats. But other than the confusing tables the story is good and if you don't mind the table I would give it a read.

The King Of Tricks And Magic

Currently on chapter 5. I have been looking for a good fanasty card genre story for awhile and thought I have found it but this story just has to many issues. First of all, there are a few grammar issues within the chapters. Next, is that the story is just going by to fast and he is way to powerful way of the bat. Lastly, how does he know things he hasn't learned before. Overall, this story needs  a lot of editing.

The Ascension of Celestial Priest

Currently on chapter 23. The story is pretty good. My only issue with it is the grammar. Its not terrible but there are a few mistakes through out every chapter. But other than that I would recommend if you enjoy a good magic/cultivation story.

The Immortal

Currently on chapter 10 and the story is fine but not for me. There are grammar issues, the MC has a weird obsession with running, and he just seems to lack common sense. But if you don't mind any of that give it a read.

Catalyst: The Trading Card Game

While I know there is currently only one chapter I am still looking forward to more chapters saying that this genre of stories is one of my favorites. Small issue with the grammar but nothing too major and nothing that would stop people from not understanding what is being said. Once again, looking forward to upcoming chapters I hope it doesn't stop too soon.

Puppet Master [A Boku No Hero Academia Fanfiction]

Overall its a solid fanfiction on My Hero Academia and I would recommend reading. The only issue that I have seen as of yet is a few grammatical errors the most noticeable being capitalization errors and a few spelling errors. But, other than those issues it's a pretty good story.

Apocalypse Born

I am enjoying the novel as of yet and even though there are a few grammar mistakes through out the chapters it’s not unreadable. My only issue with the book is the Italisized parts, which I believe is trying to show what the Mc is thinking, and how they just randomly show up when the MC is doing or experiencing something and while it is not a huge issue it was confusing at the beginning because there was nothing cutting his thought off from what was happening in the story. But other than that personal issue with the story it is quite good and I will continue reading it.