I Fight to Return Home

I am enjoying the story so far there are a few grammatical errors such as missing letters or words types to fast so the letters are just out of place but other than that I haven't really noticed much else. I like the diversity of characters and the pacing of the story and am looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

Emperor of Soul Pets

Overall, the stroy is a mix between Pokemon and a cultivation novel and while I have seen others like it this is one of the better written versions of the genre. I would recommend people who enjoy monster taming novels to give it a try.

Arcane Wonders

Just finished ch.3 so far the story seems interesting enough for me to continue reading but I have a few issues with it. My main one is that there are grammar mistakes through out each chapter, it doesn’t stop you from reading but it is inconvenient and also breaks the flow.(I would recommend using grammarly) Next is that while information on his life while on Earth is important I believe that unless it is going to affect anything it should be kept to a minimum.(More or less my opinion doesn’t need to warrant any significance) So overall, it needs a grammar touch up but other than that it pretty good.


The Balance Breaker

It's not bad per se but for one it's kind of cliche and second, it needs some editing. The whole cliche part is that the MC dies meets an all-powerful being and gets a cheat skill. With the editing part, there are grammar mistakes and missing words throughout each chapter but they are not to the point of not understand what is trying to be said. Overall, it just needs to be looked over a few times by different people and then the story, while it might not be unique, will be better.

The Legendary Craftsman

I enjoy the concept of the story but I have a few issues with it

Spoiler: Spoiler

Overall, the story isn't bad but it would be quite a bit better if it was fleshed out more.

Arthur...but the draft

The story is good and I enjoy the characteristics of the MC. But, the story just moves so fast.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Overall, the story is fine with very few if any, granted I wasn't looking for them, grammar mistakes and I enjoy the premise of it. But the story just moves to fast for me to find it fun to read and the MC seems to just start off a little too powerful for my tastes. Other than that I would recommend others to read for a fast paced action/building novel.

Project reborn hero Ω

The overall story is fine it just needs some grammar to be fixed. Also, I feel like the story would be better if the MC was not Deku and instead of an OC that the author put into the story instead. So, in general, I would recommend others to read the fanfiction but it's just not for me.

Hunter x Hunter: Gon Freecs, The Multiverse Gamer.

Although I haven't read many fanfics on one of my favorite animes, Hunter X Hunter, from those I have read this one is still one of the better ones. I would recommend reading if you enjoy H X H or if you just enjoy fanfics.

The Human Game

The story is great. From what I have read there are very few, if any, grammar mistakes, the story is solid with no plot holes, and so far it has kept me interested throughout my day of reading. I would recommend others to read if they enjoy unconventional isekai stories. And I hope the author continues with what they are doing!

Supreme Lord Shapeshifter

The story is kind of unique with how it deals with shapeshifting and everything since I don't see shapeshifting stories often but there are quite a few issues when it comes to the story. First of all the grammar, there are several grammatical errors throughout each chapter and while it doesn't stop you from understanding the story it breaks the immersion of the story. The second issue comes along with the pacing of the story. So the MC has literally just died and he takes no time to get set up in the world and he just instantly gets to killing things and people. We also have been given no previous information before he was reincarnated besides that he died and even that was only glossed over. Overall, the story needs some serious work before it becomes a good story.