The Necromancer in Magic School

The Necromancer in Magic (...)
by SuperApplePie
255 pages

"Magic cannot create life."

This is one of the most basic tenets of magic. And yet, when Professor Adelyn Mackenzie investigates rumours of a talented prospective student in a small village in the middle of nowhere, she finds that he has managed to create the world's first living homunculus.

"Magic is miracle given form."

That is what Cadmus Guiles' sister always said. So, when she died, it was only natural for Cadmus to believe that he could bring her back to life through magic. Now, offered the resources he needs to pursue this path of research, Cadmus gladly accepts to go to the most distinguished school of magic on the continent: The Laurucian Academy of Magic.

However, the Academy is a place of intense competition, and only those who rise to the top may recieve the services and resources that the Academy has to offer. Cadmus believes that he can easily defeat his peers due to him already having broken one of magic's most basic tenets, but it's time for him to learn that talent comes in many different forms...

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Shadowcroft Academy for Dungeons: Year One

Shadowcroft Academy for (...)
by Shadow Alley Press
445 pages

Build a Dungeon. Slay Heroes. Survive Finals. 

Wounded Army vet Logan Murray thought mimics were the stuff of board games and dungeon manuals… right up until one ate him. 

In a flash of snapping teeth, Logan suddenly finds himself on the doorstep to another world. He’s been unwittingly recruited into the Shadowcroft Academy for Dungeons—the most prestigious interdimensional school dedicated to training the monstrous guardians who protect the Tree of Souls from so-called heroes. Heroes who would destroy the universe if it meant a shot at advancement.

Unfortunately, as a bottom-tier cultivator with a laughably weak core, Logan’s dungeon options aren’t exactly stellar, and he finds himself reincarnated as a lowly fungaloid, a three-foot-tall mass of spongy mushroom with fewer skills than a typical sewer rat. If he’s going to survive the grueling challenges the academy has in store, he’ll need to ace the odd assortment of classes—Fiendish Fabrication, Dungeon Feng Shui, the Ethics of Murder 101—and learn how to turn his unusual guardian form into an asset instead of a liability.

And that’s only if the gargoyle professor doesn’t demote him to a doomed wandering monster first… 

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Esoteric Skeleton Dungeon Master

Esoteric Skeleton Dungeon (...)
by Meunster
136 pages

The afterlife is supposed to be peaceful, but not for Anon! After being resurrected by a Goth loli necromancer and put to work as dungeon fodder Anon grabs his fate by the reigns and overthrows the evil necromancer! He becomes the new master of the dungeon. Using his quick wit and his otherworldly knowledge he must repeel aspiring adventurers and heroes from destroying the dungeon core! 








Of course, I had to make the name and description generic. Otherwise, people wouldn't click on it. (⌐□_□) I hate\love isekai.

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Particle researcher

Particle researcher
by C.R. Mcmahon
25 pages

As a coming of age rite, each sentient being receives a class and makes a vow. That moment determines the path they will take. If they break said vow, they turn into a soulless being ruled by bloodthirst and hunger.

Cyverous couldn't care less about fixing the world, or putting an end to the cycle of death that causes the majority of the people on his planet to live a nomadic lifestyle. All he wants is to study monsters, nature, and everything in between. As a particle researcher, he gains power through discovery and testing hypotheses. 

His particles, or flecks as he calls them, allow him to do so safely. Well, safety is a relative term, isn't it?

Follow him on his journey as he holds his vows true, fights when he wants, explores where he wants, hordes treasure, magical items, and slowly builds on his mysterious abilities. 


My attempt at a slice of life. There will be battles, and dungeons, and adventure, but the plot will not be a huge focus. 

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Emperor of Soul Pets

Emperor of Soul Pets
by Renoe_K
513 pages

The World of Ilvirin is host to millions of soul monsters. The brave men and women who seek out, Subdue, and train these monsters are called Soul Trainers. The ultimate goal of every soul trainer is to rise up the ranks, defeat countless soul monsters and trainers, and one day be acknowledged as...
The Emperor of Soul Pets!!!
Follow Rao Wu, a young beastman on his quest to become the Emperor of Soul Pets. Laugh and cry with the many companions he makes along the way, and watch as he uncovers the terrible history of the Ilvirian World.
Can Rao Wu stay true to his heart during his climb, or will he, like countless before, be corrupted by the path. Stay tuned to find out.

Released on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Patreons: Minimum of Five Chapters Ahead

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Let's Cultivate By Science (Anti-Hero Cyberpunk Xianxia)

Let's Cultivate By Science (...)
by KonstantTeen
9 pages

Benedict Sanchez is a young scientist who inherited his late grandpa's obsession with immortality. Acknowledged in the scientific community as "The New Einstein" of molecular and cellular biology, he struggles with the limitations of modern science and society. Just when he almost lost hope to achieve his life mission, an extraordinary event changed everything for Benedict. 

Summoned to another world, he was delighted to find that his pursuit of immortality wasn't a pipe dream anymore. Even if, at first sight, his new home is similar to modern Earth, it isn't the same. Instead of machines and atomic bombs, battlefield dominated by powerful cultivators. And those beings, dead or alive, would be the key to his research. 

Being an ordinary human without Spiritual Root, Benedict would pave his own road using his intellect and knowledge from both worlds. Be it other summoned earthlings, ancient cultivators, or bloodthirsty monsters - they all would be nothing but stepping stones on his path to immortality. 

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Rise. Rising. Risen.

Rise. Rising. Risen. (...)
by Awespec
956 pages

On a cliff that stood above the world, a young man with skin as pale and pure as ice looked out and into the horizon.

The beautiful yellows, reds and oranges of the morning sky shone without hindrance, dancing over the pristine white clouds below his feet.

This place was known as Shrine Mountain, the highest peak of not just this Plane, but all of existence. It stood so tall that the sun called it friend and even the clouds could only hug its feet.

Throughout the lower planes, millions of geniuses were born everyday, each with the dream of standing at the pinnacle of the world… Each with the dream of sitting in this young man’s very place.


Discord Link:

Patreon user: Awespec_ [mind the underscore]

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Evil Genius: Ascendance

Evil Genius: Ascendance
by JeremyZenith
208 pages

[The cover and title are both temporary. Cover by David Edwards in a non-profit capacity, will be removed on request]

Carter Cain lives in a world of superheroes but he's not happy. That's because the most famous superhero in St. Newton is Captain Maximum who accidentally killed Carter's parents as a child. Raised by abusive foster parents and spending more time in jail than outside only made him more bitter, and he dreams of revenge against the world. Instead, he's stuck scrubbing toilets as a janitor for a laboratory.

When a freak accident gives Carter super-intelligence and psychic powers, he could become a superhero and fight for justice. Instead, he's going to become a supervillain. His goals are killing Captain Maximum and taking over the city, in that order, and he's not going to stop until he does. Get ready to see the birth of a genius supervillain from the ground up.

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Ideascape: An Adventure LitRPG

Ideascape: An Adventure (...)
by Falc0n
974 pages

35 years ago, the Greene wave swept across the world, baffling scientists as to its purpose and origin. Now, that purpose is finally revealed. 

Victoria Gale was bored with the world.

Stuck looking for work just to get by, she was ready for things to change. Just as she gains hope for the future, the world decided to take her plans and put them through the wringer.

Experiencing changes to her body and mind, Vic is forced headfirst into conflict with a changing world, as supers, monsters, mad scientists, and perhaps worst of all, terrible Japanese/wuxia/isekai tropes begin to become reality. 

Join her and many others as they begin an adventure in a new world, that no one is ready for. 

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Of Ghouls and Ghasts

Of Ghouls and Ghasts
by Shaddi
770 pages

So you've reincarnated into a fantasy world with game-like elements such as statuses and levels and ect. cliché right? Well so thought Robert until he had to do it all over again, but this time he wasn't really happy with how things went last time.

Follow as Robert changes his name, his class and even his very race all in the search for just a little of his own warped sense of justice after waking up once more in the same world only twenty years later. If only his enemies had left well enough alone.

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Parasitic Sword Monarch. *Temporary Hiatus*

Parasitic Sword Monarch. (...)
by Shiranui_shukumei
1.1k pages

Cultivators rule the multiverse, this is an indisputable fact, their ability to control the various elements and concepts grant the mightiest among them the right to stand tall above creation, dominating man and beast alike. Countless legends and mighty figures are spread throughout the multiverse, but none of this matters to the young boy born into a slowly declining clan in one of the larger universes. To him, all that matters is the safety of his clan and his family members, to reach that end, he would even wield the world itself as his sword and point the tip right at the throat of the heavens.


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Undying Empire

Undying Empire
by Scott Edwards
1k pages

Elinor is just a sixteen-year-old goth going through some abnormal teenage drama; her parents are involved in giving some 'unwanted' humanitarian aid to Venezuela, and they're dragging their daughter along to expand her world view ... much to her displeasure.

The jungle sucks and the bus has no air conditioning, and great, she's kidnapped ... The Oscillation happens, monsters attack ... she's a monster. Now, she's in a foreign world, fighting to survive.

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