1. Re: goddess turns summoned heros into undead

      The only one I can think of even close is Stop, Friendly Fire! I read it on Wuxia World - where it is now taken down - there may be another place where it is but I only know these two places.

    2. Re: Forgot name of book. Plz help

      You're looking for Upgrade Specialist In Another World.

    3. Re: The Treasure King - looking for review swaps

      I would be interested in doing a review swap as well, however similar to wedgetail earlier, it's of a different genre. I am mostly looking for feedback as I am completely new to the writing field and want (...)

    4. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hello hello, and thanks for considering my thing! I'm writing Until You Do It Right, and I've already rewritten its description once, made it a bit more poetic and whatnot, but if you can make it better (...)

    5. Re: Apocalyptic Time Loop LitRPG with light system elements

      Hello, everybody reading this post! I hope that you all are doing well. My fiction, Until You Do It Right, is as the title says, an Apocalyptic Time Loop LitRPG. The story is set revolving around (...)

    6. Re: Free Reviews

      (If you're still alive) I would be very interested in a review, coming in close to the 20k mark, so not too much to read :P Link in the signature.

    7. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story

      Brief synopsis - Apocalypse comes, everyone dies but the last to die is Seamus Conner. When he died, he was offered an opportunity to try again. Time Loop System Apocalypse

    8. Re: Free Review for New Authors

      Hello!  If you're willing, I am writing a time loop fiction with a system apocalypse called 'Until You Do It Right'.  I would be very interested in having a review, and yes I am definitely a first-time (...)

    9. Re: Litrpg continuous reincarnation

      Time reverse reincarnation you can find typically with the tag 'Time Loop' :P I would also like to throw my own book into the pot, it's also a continuous-time-reincarnation-thingy, if you're interested. (...)

    10. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      Hello all! Hopefully this will get read by someone. Anyway, I'm writing Until You Do It Right, A litRPG time loop fiction. There are very few time loop fictions out there, chief among them being Mother (...)