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    1. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      Quite a lot but some include:  Demon/monster inside the MC. Just kill it already.  Children acting like adults or vice versa (unless there is a canon explaination for it) Prophesies sucks Can't (...)

    2. Re: Boring Readers

      I remember getting these two comments on my first and second chapter where someone was complaining how they don't know what's going on or where the story is even headed.  I mean fair enough, but then (...)

    3. Re: Tell Us About Your Story

      Short version: powers sucks  Long version: We all see characters who wants be "All-powerful"... But what if someone was? What if they could do anything? Sure it would probably make certain things easy (...)

    4. Re: MC has your name

      Have you ever read a story with a main character that had your name? Nope, but I wish to see it one day.

    5. Re: Great World, bad story

      Yes, but personally, I wouldn't call it a problem. Because world building is one of my favourite aspects of fiction, so I usually enjoy those.

    6. Re: What is the 'interesting' combination of genre?

      sci-fi/high cosmic and slice of life.

    7. Re: Naming your characters

      I use random languages to find cooler sounding words, then mix them around and see what I get. Other times I just look at everyday products and mess around with it. For example, in my story there is a (...)

    8. Re: A Few Questions for Writers

      Are there any themes or ideas you won't touch in your writing, for personal reasons or because they're too disturbing for the audience you want to write for? Probably racism. Just not sure how (...)

    9. Re: I have been blinded.

      Does anyone actually use light mode?  Yes, I do... sadly

    10. Re: Grammarly Premium. Is it worth it?

      No, not really. I have used this and Microsoft Editor, both give you suggestions and what the right words to use... But most of the time, the suggestions end up making it worse than it was.  It's (...)

    11. Re: What's the worst thing a character you've liked done?

      Oh boy, where do I start? My favourite fictional character of all time is Sentry from Marvel Comics. He (Robert Reynolds, his real persona) is absolutely amazing as a character, but he has done tons (...)

    12. Re: A "Need to know" guide, what are the rules of Royal Road?

      Thanks for the link. If was interesting

    13. Re: A "Need to know" guide, what are the rules of Royal Road?

      Oh, I see. Thank you.  I should definitely change them, just to be safe. 

    14. Re: A "Need to know" guide, what are the rules of Royal Road?

      Political and religious discussions are not allowed anywhere on the site. It just creates too many ill feelings, and our site is not the place to argue about these topics. How does this part applies (...)

    15. Re: Why do people hate NTR?

      Most NTR stuff I have come across involves some form of rape or mind control or something like that. It makes sense in darker stories, but I come across it in lighter stories, especially Korean stuff, (...)


      ))) Many of us have a lack of commenters Yep... Well, as long as they enjoy it, comments and reviews/ratings are unnecessary.


      Don't have commenters so... uh... I don't know

    18. Re: Serial plagiarist copying RRL works

      One of my old one was uploaded to Amazon by a name like "New World Online" a while ago. Not sure if it's still up