That White Goat

That White Goat

    1. White Font in Stories

      Hello there! I want to hide messages in a story, but whenever I set the font to white (so that it melts into the default background color), the text color reverts to black. Does anyone know a solution (...)

    2. Re: How do YOU write VILLAIN without sounding like a piece of 💩

      The problem with a lot villains is that they exist simply as a plot device. The villain attacks a village so that our hero can rescue a village. The villain sets a bomb so that our hero can disarm a bomb. (...)

    3. Re: What's your "Guilty Pleasure" you insert into your writing?

      Stutters. I love characters that stutter.

    4. Which story title do you prefer?

      I love democracy, and so I want to know which story title the denizens of Royal Road prefer. One is over-the-top, which might either scare people away or draw them in. Just not sure which to use: 1) (...)

    5. Re: Why the newest chapter of my book has about 20 more views than the previous one?

      The last chapter of my Eldritch story has over six hundred more views than the preceeding chapter. It would break my heart if all those views are from people waiting for the next chapter (the story is (...)

    6. Re: Random dip in views?

      I don't want to braaag or anything, but between the first and the most recent chapter I have a sweet 90% drop-off.

    7. Re: Will You Defend? Or Ignore?

      I do not respond to reviews aside from thanking readers for leaving them (be it negative or positive). Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    8. Re: Starting a community-driven story entirely steered by absurd chapter comment suggestions, but written tota(...)

      Unfortunately, RoyalRoad is not the best place for reader interactive stories. I've tried to write a few Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories before, and each time it boiled down to a hundred views per chapter, (...)

    9. Re: 430 Followers and 60,000 Views!

      Way to go!  Any advice for those just starting out on RR or new to writing in general? I found this post very useful:

    10. Re-arranging chapter order?

      Hi there! Is there any way to change the order of chapters? Or to insert a new chapter between chapters? Thank you!

    11. 430 Followers and 60,000 Views!

      The love train continues to toot, toot. My story has breached 430 followers and 60,000 views. I am filled with motivation, but at the same time I want to go back and revise earlier chapters now that (...)

    12. Re: Shooting for Rising Stars? Stop putting semicolons in your descriptions!

      I don't think semicolons should even be used in fiction. They don't look aesthetic and can almost always be replaced with a simple period. Not once in my entire life have I read a book/article and felt (...)

    13. Re: Killing Them Quietly

      Every certain number of followers would be more entertaining for readers.  They would/could see the number of followers slowly increase chapter by chapter, knowing that once the story hits ___, someone (...)

    14. Re: Is there a way to see who follows your fiction?

      No, you know how many, but no who.  I thought premium users could see who was following their story.

    15. How do I place a picture in my story?

      Hi there, I tried to insert a picture into my story using the Insert an image feature, but it does not seem to work. ( (...)

    16. Re: RoyalRoad Ads - My Results

      what is your CTR rate? mine was around 1% then down to 0,8% near the end of its life I had a very clickbaity ad, so that helped it stay afloat. I did not check the stats too much, but I think a high of (...)

    17. Re: Share Your Story Ideas

      One story I want to return to is about a man who hates isekai stories, and he is transported to another world to defeat the ancient evil, but he refuses because he hates isekai. The story revolves around (...)

    18. Re: Liking / disliking reviews

      It took Jesus three days to rise from the dead. It took this thread seven-hundred and eighty-three. Advantage, Jesus.

    19. RoyalRoad Ads - My Results

      I was motivated to take out an ad because of a similar thread, so I wanted to share my results. I took out a default $50 rectangle ad on Thursday. It is still running, but near the end of its life. (...)