1. Re: What do you think about arrogant characters who are legit?

      Arrogance is unearned confidence in one's ability. If it is earned, then it is not arrogance, it is pride.

    2. RE: Evolution based stories? girl reincarnates as a dog sized spider monster. kills monsters for XP and evolves at certain levels into deadlier spider variants.

    3. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      it's not your opinion that made you seem angry it's the writing style. not sure how to explain it, has an edge to it.

    4. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      wow, relax. you feel really angry. like, yeah, i know it's got issues but you seem really vehement about them. also, why does everyone keep missing my DOESN'T. he does not think of murder. he isn't thinking (...)

    5. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      what? i'm saying i have no idea what tanaka thinks a mature mentality is, so i was being hyperbolic with a "MATURE"(read: edgy) mentality.

    6. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      not sure what you mean by mentality? he will kill without remorse if something attacks him. just because he isn't constantly thinking of murder doesn't mean he has a childlike mentality.

    7. RE: Making a list of all "I am a Dungeon" type novels.

      try out isn't actually a novel but has the same basic premise, our PoV character is a dungeon heart that has miraculously been damaged non-lethally. feel it's a great (...)

    8. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      seeing these opinions and such i actually have a recommendation for a story that has a harem that you all would probably like, but not sure if i should post it here or make a thread in recommendations (...)