Starcraft Unbound

Really enjoying the story.  Fun characters with fun things going on in the background as well. No issues with grammar and style.

Fairly interesting aspect is the growth style of the character. As he keeps getting op stuff, so does every one else by the game's increasing difficulty. 

Only miff I have is the plot armor. It's too strong. Difficulty increases accelerate his rewards which accelerate his difficulty increases...i worry by book 5 it will be hell+35 or something.

Would be more interesting to use general game knowledge deal with difficulty instead of random last minute power ups.

My congratulations for the engaging story. Keep up the fantastic work. 

Leaving Earth

 Great story. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. 

The story has a great deal of potential. Slice of life style detailing a dark "what if" story with solid grammar and editing. Characters are interesting, yet the nature of constant shifting perspectives may make me lose empathy with the main characters.

Keep up the solid work.


Great fun at a rapid pace

Mooderino has made another great story, and I find this one of his more enjoyable stories so far.

The passive build of the MC is interesting. Her problem solving and the interactions with the world is amusing. I have really gotten into the story and want to know what's next.

Characters vary enough and it's great to see the MC developing over time. I like it's less about developing her game's character and more about her own. Her interactions with family, friends and the world show some growth.

Grammar wise no issues. Just a few word errors here and there. Didn't take away from the experience.

Prehistoric Barbarian

A really solid story. Lots of fun both with the daily interactions as well as the premise and overarching plot.

No serious grammar errors, but I saw a few spelling mistakes or misused words. 

Style is good. Fast and fun. It's focused on the main character except for a few flavor chapters which were fun.

Side characters themselves are quirky and kept to the background so far which I honestly appreciate. Main character is developing organically with the story. No icky flash backs or expositions.

Keep up the good work.

Orc Lord

Pretty much nothing I can complain about

Really enjoyed this so far. No grammar or spelling mistakes that I can remember.

The story moves along quite quickly. I can see the logical progression of events. Not just one OP addition after thenext.

I especially like the style of doing fast-slow chapters. One will be just an outline kinda of what happened recently because it wasnt all that interesting or meaningful. The next may be minute by minute story telling.

The flavor of the main character is light and friendly while still being realistic. She is interesting and yes wants to do some crazy but nothing overly "dark" or "heroic" Yes, Im also happy there is no harem or other tomfoolery. 



Battlefield Restart (Original/Unedited)

First off. I'm reviewing this after 30 chapters. So far it has been a generic reincarnation/Chinese naval gazing story. Sadly it has no useful past life experiences outside of the "mature baby face".

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the story. I won't stop reading it if you keep writing.

That said, the characters are kind of thrown in and then gone. They feel like pretty much just set pieces so far. 

The greatest weakness is the pacing. A standard reincarnation that is too long winded to be completely enjoyable, Check. Young underpowered kid with over powered foreshadowing, Check. Kid sister with family/clan of naval gazing level uppers, check. 

Its standard stuff. But please break it up a bit. We have the type of main character who never gives up. Great. Buuut. Suddenly after a 5 year trainijg skip the character makes tons of developments, weapons and crazy insights. Oh and his sister is suddenly a genius. Too much too fast. 

You don't need training montages or anything, but the break throughs after a few hours of intense navel gazing is...generic and cheap. Another gun plus magic? Lazy.

My thoughts?

First. Make things happen naturally. Don't force god/messiah level stuff all at once.

Second. The kid seems completely oblivious to the world. He should be paying attention to his surroundings if he was this amazing soldier. The other perspectives help, but should be unnecessary.

Third. He is getting educated...but just in fighting. You mention about learning to read and basic math, but it's apparently not useful for this guy to make a plan outside of "git gud". Some wise old man he is. Sneak some of your world building in the schooling. The guy was a soldier, not a scientist, I get it. But that he has no ideas about the threats in the world, the politics, etc with no desire to learn...makes me wonder if magic baby hormones messed him up.

After all that bad juju, I still applaud your passion in writing and hope to see where this goes. 


Love, a random reader.


Medical Wolf

I love this. The world, the different culture. The lack of OP is good. The methodical thinking is nice. Cant really complain about anything.

The Wanderer's Beginnings (Book 1: A Dark Tale.).

It's good. An Interesting world and the high quality of writing makes it easy to follow.


I look forward to seeing how the author keeps the MC from becoming OP. Please do keep up the good work

Awaken Online

Great story with crazy powerful necromancer

Its just a fun read, made me smile and chuckle in public places, not too much thinking. Can't give it a full 5 stars because it lacks any real tension because the mc is too op. I get it, he is chosen by the "god", but everything in it is effortless. 


On a side note the editing is nearly perfect. Very publishable. Keep up the amazing work.



Savage Divinity

Wow, an amazingly good story.

Hats off to the author. I was shocked at how good the story was. 

No OP MC, no harem, No BS “I can sit and contemplate my navel=Magic god powers overnight’


Just an interesting world with down to earth characters.  No convoluted diabolical video game plots.  A straight forward good fantasy.  The MC knows nothing, can do nothing, but keeps making me want more.