World Reset

Massively Underappreciated

Where do I even begin? This story is really good so far (as of Chapter 18). With characters that act realistically in the context of a world that takes systematic racial discrimination and prejudice onto an entirely different level. How the dialogue of the characters feel so real—raw even. How a person responds to the ulimate betrayal. How a husband reacts to the news of losing his wife. The megalomania the discriminated feel when they finally achieve a seemingly indomitable level of power.

Though at this point, not much is told about things worldbuilding-wise (relatively speaking), everything has been drip-fed at moderate manner. Contrary to most stories in this site, things aren't just dropped through buckets-load of exposition. Here, it comes natural. It flows around the conversations of the characters. How they interact with one-another. How they respond to certain stimuli.

Check it out, it's really good.

Binary Progression

This story is perhaps the most enjoyable one I've read on this site. For one, the comedy isn't forced as opposed to other stories I've read. It appears seamlessly with the interactions of the characters, whether that may be among one-another or to the game itself. In addition to this, the comedy itself is enough to garner some fits of laughter from me, making me love the story even more as I continued to read each chapter.

While I wasn't a fan of the initial dialogue format, I eventually managed to go past that tiny sense of discomfort seeing that the dialogue between the characters were always a subject of interest. Literally anything they say would achieve some sort of interest from me; swaying me from thoughts of speeding through the dialogue.

Keep up the good work!

An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character

While the concept itself is interesting (one that is actually perfectly executed by the author), the characters themselves are an entirely different set all-together. With each having their own unique and discernable trait, voting out one is a task I deem to be exceptionally difficult.

Read it.

Vainqueur the Dragon

I'm sorry, it's just that good. This story is undeniably one of my favorite ones. From the near-zealous application of DnD-like elements to the unique characters—I fucking love it.