A Dream of Wings and Flame

A good flow, interesting characters slowly introduced and slowly fleshed out, and an almost impossible end goal that is very far away. The story is great and I've enjoyed it so far! My one complaint is a weird one, the grammar is too good. These scavenger Kobolds talk with well developed vocabulary and grammar, even the pups speak well with no mention of any language learning. It just feels weird that there is almost no slang/slurs/language tics that one might expect from an isolated scavenger tribe. Otherwise everything is quite compelling. We hardly know anything about the world but that's okay, neither does Sam. We are learning as he does, no narrator beginning voice over or short histories at the beginning of a chapter. Not that those are bad, I just like that the author decided we learn with Sam, and is sticking to it. I also like that conflict is being set up everywhere. Short term and long term problems with fellow members of the tribe, and short and long term enemies out in the caves and the mountains. The story moves forward at a decent pace so far, I haven't ever felt there were any filler or weak chapters. Looking forward to more!

Survival Recommended

 I really enjoyed reading this story so far, especially the LitRPG elements, as it seems levels truly need to be worked for, a nice change from some! An intriguing path for the Main Character so far, but a semi-rewrite seems to be in progress, so I'll hold off from an advanced review for the time being. Highly recommend!

The Storm King

A great story that made me keep clicking on the next chapter button regardless of real life events. It has a solid base and worldbuilding that gives a good foundation for the story, but not so inflexible that the author is trapped. A ton of foreshadowing goes on, but I didn't feel overwhelmed, just excited for where the story will go. I would recommend The Storm King to anyone. 

*updated 20 chapters later at 41 chapters on Royal Road. 

Okay, this is awesome, and I don't use the word lightly. This is only my second time supporting an author on patreon here, and it is worth every dollar. The writing is well done, if maybe a bit simplistic at times, but when you are reading and drawn in to the tale, that doesn't matter. A word of advice, if you havn't read The Storm King yet: READ THE DAMN BOOK, you won't regret it.

*Updated at 129 chapters on RR

Some authors have trouble pivoting away from their initial story arc, but I am confident in saying that so far, The Storm King has had a smooth and natural progression, and has kept up a high level of quality.

*Updated at chapter 258 on Royal Road

Been a Patreon supported since the early days, and I have never once regretted it. I mentioned foreshadowing early on, and it does not disappoint. Top 10 ongoing novel here in my opinion. 

Dungeon Ecology

Writing this review in the early days, but enjoying it greatly so far! Having read a significant number of various dungeon stories on Royalroad over the past few years, I feel confident in saying that this is a different twist on the dungeon master trope, one which if kept up on, looks to have promise! Worldbuilding very much happens, but at a relaxed comfortable pace; no massive infodump here, it happens naturally as the protagonist interacts with various parts of the world.  No grammer problems jarred me out of reading, and the story flowed nice and smoothly. Just a tad too much inner monologue for my taste, but what do I know, as it fit into the tale based on what we know of the main character. Looking forward to future updates!

Metaworld Chronicles

Worldbuilding rocks, and always gets better!

I binge read Metaworld Chronicles in about a week, and I am very disappointed that I reached the current release chapter, now I have to wait like everyone else. Two main things stood out to me, first, the character demographics are absolutely fascinating, and cultural references as far as I know are spot on. The second is the expanding of the world, i.e. worldbuilding. There are a few infodumps here and there, but for example the whole world political situation isnt dumped on us at the start, and only slowly does local history, politics, magic and people start to come in to focus, and this natural unfurling is carried on throughout in a lovely way. Maybe a not efficient use of my time, but certainly a hugely enjoyable one. Thank you.

Review written as of chapter 196.

The Game Of The Gods.

Yes, this story does seem to move along quickly, and so do it's characters. But that is far from a bad thing, as the story does not stall out of really ever let up on the intensity. So far at least. I almost stopped after the first half dozen chapters, but like the author says, if you can make it past those, the writing just draws you in. Finished everything written in one go and I have no regrets. Granted when the story moves fast it is hard to flesh some things out, but we get a lot of good action this way, so I'm not complaining. Keep up the good work author!


A well thought out world, interesting characters, didn't get bogged down in backstory straight away, and a ton of ways the story can go. Only a few small grammer mistakes that didn't take away from the story at all, otherwise I have only good to say. There are few decent base/settlement stories on this site, and this is turning out to be one of the best I've seen. A favorite for sure!

(Review written after chapter 9, but these are super beefy, tasty chapters.)

Amongst the Stars

If you are thinking of starting to read this story, the first few chapters are going to be hard. The prologue is an infodump of the worst kind, with massive holes and and no motivations given. The next few chapters are stilted, and move you along too quickly with quite a few spelling mistakes that made me cringe. HOWEVER. That being said, once you get past the beginning, it is well worth the time, with the writing getting smoother, and fewer mistakes, and the story and MC gaining much more depth and realism. After the 5th or 6th chapter I really got into it, and having finished the first 15 chapters, am eagerly looking forward to the next. This isn't the first piece I would recommend to someone on this site, but if you are looking for an evenings entertainment, look no further.