Worth the Candle


exploring a massive world with a lot of different locations. But you're not skipping through each one as though you can forget them. Each part of the stpry is important and might come back in the future.


its been a long time since i've read a story with characters that seemed this 'real'. Not just exploring their feelings, but the why's and motivations behind those feelings. 
Thank you

Mother of Learning

I had some trouble getting through the first and part of the second chapter. I decided to give it a chance because the mc reminded me a little of The Good Student.in a way your style is a little similair. 


Once i started it took me only 2 days to finish all 20 chapters and i cant wait for the next chapter!

i like how the chapters are on the longer side as well.

its really good and i hope youll continue writing this for the forseeable future


good read, seems actually realistic

this story has an amazingly seemingly realistic way of showing the thoughts of someone mentally ill or however you want to call it. 

Especially the last chapter i read (knife) and the on before that with the trial. Wow. Just wow. Keep up the good work.

the only think i still have a bit of a problem with is some of your verbs are written in the wrong tense.

Some Things Never Change

I have seldom read a reincarnation story this good. I've just gotten to chapter 3 and i'll probably binge reasd the rest.

normally i don't read stories with the girl as the MC but the gender-bener reimcarnation thing makes up for it. The characters, especially the MC, are amazing. 

Also reincarnating in to a hero/modern world is a nice change as well.

The Destroyer

One of the few great pieces of art on this site. I'm writing this after reading the whole first book and a part of the second book. 

More people should give these books a try, if the first few chapters dont seem to interest you read on!! It gets more interesting and spectacular further a long in the story.


while i'm not very informed on writing styles i really enjoy what you've done in these books. A lot of different POV's that are properly written. Many people have trouble writing good and realistic POV of other characters besides the MC. 



the amount of mistakes on grammar i found (im dutch so not a great english speaker) are countable on one hand. You also seem to use your words in a more professional way, for a lack of better words



the MC lost his memories and slowly small parts seem to be coming back in an unchronological order and at random times. You worked this out really well. At times its like i can feel his confusion anger and rage throughout the story. Some goes for the other characters. They don't seem like unrealisric throw away characters,



Not a whole lot is being said about the world around the characters but it doesn't seem to be a very large place, atleast from what has been shared. I dont want to spoil anything important so i'll just say the following things: man from a mostly legendary era is awakened by a group of people from a kingdom that needs him to help defeat it's enemies who seem to want to rule over the 'lesser' human beings. They view(ed) themselves as greater in any way and waged war with neigbouring countries. But wether the awakened man is truly the thing they were looking for remains to be seen.

Sage Fall

Read it! It's worth it

I read all four chapters at once and just want to say; don't ever stop writing this!
The chapter length is perfect.
The characters seem very interesting, especially the MC, even knowing so little about him.
Can't say much about the story yet but if you keep up this style of writing and all i'm not worried about that either!

Keep up the good work, i'm hooked!

Savage Divinity

i can say nothing mote than truly amazing, the only fanfic on this webiste i've read so far that i like better is Forgotten Conqueror and maybe Those who aspired to be heroes. This truly deserves a spot in the top 5 fanfictions and i believe it will get there if you stay active.

other than some minor grammar mistakes here and there, mostly no more than 2 a chapter this is pretty much perfect in my opinion.

plz don't change Rain's personality, i like the happy go lucky, lazy, kindoff cowardly drunk character. Though i am hoping for at least a start of some possible serious romantic relation that lasts more than a night in a brothel, but that also shouldnt be hurried!!

so far i've read all the way through chapter 63

Re:Serpent, the Struggles of a 'Snake' to Survive and Evolve...

i'm enjoying the story so far!

though i must say that though  synopsis seems a whole lot like Those Who Aspired Gods it has some interesting differences!

keep the uploads coming

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

While i was hesitating a lot on weter to start reading because of a very inhuman MC, i decided to do so anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Most of the time i abhor stories with the MC being something that's smaller and uglier and weaker in a lot of ways compared to humans. Often halfway through such stories they can actually change into humans or end up looking a lot like humans, which is why i enjoy reading m again. 


This cowardly little goblin has an interesting story. Nothing very heroic, no insane OP skills or anything the like. Just a little smarter than most (hob)goblins. I also very much enjoy the conversations he has with the bandmembers or the coversations te band members have with each other. 

The style fits very well witth the story an di've got npthing to complain about on that side. Same for the grammar, i can't remember reading a grammar fault in the story.

the story isn't a very fast starter compared to a lot other stories here on royalroad but it's getting there. And now that he's involved thongs got interesting very fast.

Galactic Fist of Legend

once again another amazing story written by a great author. It's weird that there's stull so little people that read it but hopefully that will change in the near future. 


It's a great game-like story where getting experience can literally save your day. Fighting to te death with whatever and wherever you can possibly think of. I reccommend it to all